ROH Recap: PCO, Jay Briscoe Wage War; Jeff Cobb Tangles With Mark Haskins

The seemingly indestructible PCO battles the uncontrollable Jay Briscoe; “The Hawaiian Juggernaut” Jeff Cobb and “Overkill” Mark Haskins square off for the first time; and Bully Ray and ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor join forces in tag team action!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #406
Airdate: Weekend of June 29, 2019
Location: Showare Center in Kent, Was.


-- PCO defeated Jay Briscoe by disqualification

-- Bully Ray and ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor defeated Coast 2 Coast (LSG and Shaheem Ali)

-- Jeff Cobb defeated Mark Haskins


Jay Briscoe vs. PCO

Not surprisingly, the fight spilled to the floor, where Briscoe backdropped PCO onto the edge of the apron. Back inside the ring, PCO hit Kryptonite Krunch for a near fall, and a cannonball off the top rope for another near fall. PCO connected on a cannonball through the ropes to the outside. Briscoe halted PCO’s momentum by dropping him ribs-first on the guardrail. Briscoe then sat PCO in a chair outside the ring and delivered a running crossbody. Later, PCO set up for a moonsault, but Briscoe nailed him on the side of the head with a chair and was disqualified.

After the match, Mark Briscoe came down to the ring. The Briscoes set up a table in the ring and placed PCO on it. Mark Briscoe put PCO through the table with Froggy Bow. However, PCO fired up and put down both Briscoes with a double clothesline.

Pre-match comments from Mark Haskins, Jeff Cobb

Haskins said he respects Cobb and they can bring out the best in each other tonight. He said things haven’t been going his way lately, so a win over Cobb will do wonders for his career. Haskins said his kids need it, his wife needs it, and he needs it. “Respect aside,” Haskins said, “I’m coming to get it.”

Cobb said that tonight he gets to face a wrestler he hasn’t had a chance to suplex yet. He said Haskins is a submission expert, but he’s going against a Hawaiian juggernaut. “Tonight, I may throw you so far that you may land back in England,” Cobb said.

 “No. 1” Brian Johnson disses Josh Woods

Woods was in the locker room taping up his wrists when Johnson approached him. Johnson said he plans on bringing honor and prestige back to the Top Prospect Tournament and he won’t be a failure like him. Woods looked up and glared at Johnson, who quickly backed off.

Coast 2 Coast (LSG and Shaheem Ali) vs. Bully Ray and ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor

LSG and Ali got off to a fast start before Taylor distracted the referee and Bully pulled Ali groin-first into the ring post. Taylor and Bully isolated Ali. After LSG tagged in, he ran wild on both of his opponents. LSG hit a crossbody on Taylor for a near fall. A double superkick by Coast 2 Coast knocked Bully out of the ring. LSG and Ali hit stereo frog splashes on Taylor for a near fall. They set up for their Coast 2 Coast finisher, but Bully knocked LSG off the top rope. Taylor hit Greetings From 216 on Ali for the win.

Mark Haskins vs. Jeff Cobb

Haskins hit a double stomp off the top rope for a near fall. Cobb came back with a spinning piledriver, but he was too weak to make the cover immediately, and when he did make the cover, Haskins kicked out at two. Later, with Cobb outside the ring, Haskins went for a knee strike from the apron, but Cobb caught thim and landed a spinning side suplex on the floor. Both competitors made it back into the ring just before the 20 count. Haskins hit a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Cobb recovered and hit Tour of the Islands for a hard-fought victory.


“There’s not enough bandage in the world to fix what you did to the Top Prospect Tournament.”
-- Brian Johnson to Josh Woods as Woods was taping his wrists

“If I were you guys I’d be a little worried, because my partner, let’s just say it’s an upgrade from what I’m used to.”
-- Bully Ray to Coast 2 Coast before introducing ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor as his partner


-- ROH World Title Match: Champion Matt Taven vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

-- The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) vs. The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia)