ROH Recap: MCMG vs War Machine for ROH World Tag Team Titles

ROH World Television Title Match Announcement

Commentators Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana informed viewers that this week’s scheduled match between ROH World Television Champion Kenny King and Mark Briscoe was off due to Briscoe suffering a dislocated elbow.

The Dawgs (Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara) vs. The Kingdom’s Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan (w/Matt Taven) vs. Coast 2 Coast (Shaheem Ali and LSG) in a Triple Threat Match

The three teams all had their moments early in the match but the tide swung decisively in The Dawgs’ favor after Titus rocked LSG with a running boot and Ferrara followed with BLL. The Dawgs then hit a couple double-team moves on LSG, with Titus using Ferrara as a weapon. Ferrara took exception, and a brief shoving match between the two partners ensued before Titus sling-shotted Ferrara onto a supine LSG. Titus covered LSG, but Ali made the save.

LSG and Ali rallied and hit Coast 2 Coast on Ferrara. Before they could capitalize, however, the opportunistic Marseglia and O’Ryan hit the ring and landed Sassy Murder on LSG for the victory.

After the match, The Kingdom had something to say. Marseglia once again claimed that there is a conspiracy against them in ROH. He bragged that they recently defeated Search and Destroy (ROH World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns and Jonathan Gresham) in the middle of the ring. O’Ryan noted that he suffered a broken long back in March yet The Kingdom still hasn’t received a rematch for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Title they had to relinquish due to his injury. He demanded that he and Marseglia get a shot at the tag team title.

Clip From Global Wars Tour: Dalton Castle Surprises Cody

ROH World Champion Cody brought a masked fan into the ring to kiss his ring and shoot a video for Bullet Club’s popular “Being The Elite” YouTube series. The “fan” unmasked, revealing himself to be Dalton Castle. Castle, seeking a measure of retribution for the beatdown he suffered at the hands of Cody in Edinburgh a few months ago that put him on the shelf, took Cody down and began whaling away. A stunned Cody eventually managed to escape up the aisle.

Flip Gordon Has Had Enough of The Young Bucks’“Harmless Ribs”

Gordon, a frequent victim of The Young Bucks bullying on “Being The Elite,” said he has had enough. He said The Young Bucks have a Bullet Club, so he’s going to form an army. Gordon said he’s going to find some guys like him who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ROH World Champion Cody Says He Will Defend the Title Tonight!

Cody came to the ring and said there’s a very colorful guy that the ROH faithful want to see get a shot at his title. Cody called Riccaboni to ringside and asked if there’s someone he’d like to see face Cody for the championship. Riccaboni, echoing the sentiments of a number of ROH fans, said, “Dalton Castle.” Cody asked if that’s what the people want. After the crowd responded in the affirmative, Cody said that Castle wasn’t there. He then brought out his challenger: Ryan Nova, who is only eight months into his training at the ROH Dojo.

ROH World Title Match: Cody (champion) vs. Ryan Nova

Cody demanded that Nova kiss his ring, but the bold youngster pulled the ring off Cody’s finger with his mouth. An incensed Cody kicked him in the gut, causing Nova to spit out the ring. When Cody bent over to retrieve his bauble, Nova rolled him up for a near fall.

After a brief flurry of offense from Nova, the champion hit Cross Rhodes and covered him. Instead of ending the match, however, Cody picked up Nova after a count of two. Cody then applied the American Deathlock, and Nova tapped out.

After the match, Castle -- who was in the building much to Cody’s surprise --  came out to the stage. Castle told Cody that his performances as ROH World Champion have been lackluster. He said Cody could give everyone the match they really want to see.

Cody said he guarantees that Castle can’t beat him, so he’ll call “Paul” and get Castle “one of those developmental contracts.” Cody said Castle will be able to develop his skills and then come back to ROH when he’s ready. He said he knows that’s what Castle wants, so he’s going to walk right past him.

As Cody headed up the aisle, Castle jumped him and tossed him into the ring, where he hit Bang-A-Rang on the champion. Castle said he loves it in ROH and he’s going to take Cody’s title.

Clip From Global Wars Tour: Bully Ray Says Farewell?

Bully Ray told the crowd that ROH is a place that he always wanted to be, but “it’s about that time for me. If this is my last day, I want to thank God that I got to step foot in a Ring of Honor ring.”

What’s Next For Jay Lethal?

In a sit-down interview, Lethal said he always gets asked what’s left for him to accomplish in ROH. He said there’s really only one thing that matters to him, and that’s being ROH World Champion. The former champ said he will win the title again.

Clip From Global Wars Tour: Mark Briscoe Suffers Injury

Moments into a match between Briscoe and Hiromu Takahashi, Briscoe suffered a severely dislocated elbow and the referee stopped the match.

Mark Briscoe Demands His Title Shot

A fired-up Briscoe, his elbow in a cast, said he wants the shot at the ROH World Television Title that he earned and he wants it next week. His brother, Jay, interrupted and was not pleased that Mark is obsessed with going after a singles title. “We’re a tag team,” Jay said sternly. A frustrated Mark stormed off.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) (champions) vs. War Machine (Hanson and Rowe)

War Machine went on the attack right from the opening bell and hit Fallout on Sabin, but Shelley made the save just in time. Determined to regain the title they lost last year, Hanson and Rowe were all over MCMG, but the champions stayed in it by connecting with some of their aerial offense. 

In an amazing combination of power and agility, Hanson hit 10 running lariats on Sabin and Shelley and then landed his version of Lethal Injection on Shelley. MCMG again showed their resilience, rallying to hit the Dream Sequence on Rowe, but War Machine quickly regained the advantage.

War Machine hit Thor’s Hammer on Sabin, and then Hanson took out Shelley with a dive to the floor. As War Machine prepared to finish off a helpless Sabin, The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) came down to ringside.

Making good on their vow to ruin everything the ROH fans love, Kazarian taunted the crowd on the microphone outside the ring, while Daniels got in the ring and sprayed Silly String on War Machine. Rowe nailed Daniels with a punch to the face and Hanson clotheslined him out of the ring. However, after Rowe went outside the ring to continue his assault on Daniels, Sabin got behind Hanson and rolled him up for the three count.