ROH Recap: Matt Taven Defends World Title Against Jay Lethal, Kenny King In Triple Threat

ROH World Champion Matt Taven’s scheduled title defense against two-time former champion Jay Lethal is turned into a Triple Threat Match with Kenny King. Also on this episode: Guerrillas of Destiny, the Briscoes, RUSH, Dalton Castle and more!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #411
Airdate: Weekend of Aug. 3, 2019


Kenny King talks his way into title match

ROH World Champion Matt Taven came to the ring and said that his seven-year rivalry with Jay Lethal comes to an end tonight. King interrupted. King noted that he is owed a title match because of winning the Honor Rumble at G1 Supercard, and he told Taven to add him to his match against Lethal. He said Taven needs to prove who the real king is in ROH. Taven rattled off the challengers he’s already defeated and said he’s fine with adding King to the match. After King left, an irate Lethal came out and got in Taven’s face. They came to blows and had to be separated by security.

Matt Taven backstage interview

Taven said he will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind tonight as to whether he is a worthy ROH World Champion. He said he’s defeated a long list of challengers in his three-month reign, and tonight he will add two more names to the list.

Highlights from Manhattan Mayhem: New York City Street Fight for ROH World Tag Team Titles: Champions Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe 

Jay put Tonga on his shoulders, and Mark came off the top of the ladder with a flying clothesline that sent Tonga crashing through a table in the ring. Mark covered Tonga for the three count, as the Briscoes won the ROH World Tag Team Titles for the 11th time. G.O.D. remains the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

Highlights from Mass Hysteria (Lowell, Mass.): G.O.D. attacks the Briscoes 

The night after winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles, the Briscoes successfully defended them against The Bouncers. After the match, G.O.D. hit the ring from behind and nailed the Briscoes with the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Title belts, busting them open. The beatdown continued, and G.O.D. disrespectfully tossed around the ROH World Tag Team Title belts.

Highlights from Manhattan Mayhem: Dalton Castle attacks RUSH

After defeating TK O’Ryan, RUSH fist-bumped fans at ringside. A “fan” wearing a RUSH mask hopped the rail and began assaulting RUSH. He tossed RUSH into the ring and hit Bull’s Horns. The “fan” removed his mask to reveal it was Dalton Castle.

Highlights from Mass Hysteria (Lowell, Mass.): RUSH vs. Dalton Castle 

Castle brought a chair into the ring, but RUSH nailed him with a big forearm. Out of desperation, Castle hit a low blow and was disqualified. After the match, Castle threw the chair at RUSH’s head and then proceeded to assault RUSH’s left shoulder with the weapon.

Highlights from YouTube Exclusive at Manhattan Mayhem: Four Corner Survival Proving Ground Match: ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor vs. Silas Young vs. Tracy Williams vs. Josh Woods

Young was about to hit Misery on Williams, but Woods delivered a low blow to Young behind the referee’s back. Williams tossed Woods outside the ring onto Taylor, and then hit a piledriver on Young for the win, thus earning a shot at Taylor’s title at Summer Supercard. After the match, Williams offered to shake Taylor’s hand, but Taylor responded by spitting on Williams’ hand.

Comments from Tracy Williams:



Comments from Shane Taylor:



Backstage: Silas Young confronts Josh Woods

Young sarcastically congratulated Woods for “learning one lesson” tonight. “The big difference between me and you is if I would’ve hit the nut shot, I would’ve won afterwards,” Young said. :You’ve got a lot more lessons to learn, Josh.”

ROH World Title Triple Threat Match: Champion Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King

Before the match began, Lethal demanded ringside attendant Amy Rose -- whose interference at Best in the World cost Lethal the match and the best-of-three series with King -- be sent to the back. This was non-stop action with all three competitors hitting one impactful move after another, both inside and outside the ring. King hit a double blockbuster on Taven and Lethal. He covered Lethal for a near fall, and then Taven for a near fall.

Lethal hit Lethal Injection on Taven, but Taven kicked out just in time. King hit Lethal Injection on Lethal and followed up with Royal Flush on Lethal. Before King could make a cover, Taven planted King with Climax and covered Lethal for the win.

After the match, Lethal offered to shake Taven’s hand. Taven accepted the handshake, then kicked Lethal low.


“There’s only one K-I-N-G Kiiing in Ring of Honor, and he is I and I am him, and I’m Matt Taven!”
-- Matt Taven to Kenny King

“He’s up there maybe as one of the greatest champions in Ring of Honor history. … Matt Taven is at the very top of his game.”
-- Color commentator Colt Cabana


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