ROH Recap: Mark Briscoe & Bully Ray vs Cody & Adam Page

Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser in a No-Disqualification Match

Lethal wasted no time exacting revenge on Beer City Bruiser, as the action was already underway when the show came on the air. Lethal was all over the man who -- along with Silas Young -- broke his ribs at Best in the World in June. As Lethal brutalized Bruiser, Young came out from the back, but he was thwarted from going to ringside by a group of security members. Young joined Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary instead. Bruiser tried to introduce duct tape into the brawl, but it turned out to be a critical error, as Lethal duct-taped Bruiser’s wrist to the bottom rope. With Bruiser defenseless, Lethal smashed Bruiser’s keg on his left knee. Lethal then grabbed a steel chair and slammed it onto the keg -- still on Bruiser’s knee -- twice. Lethal wasn’t finished, however, as he proceeded to repeatedly bash Bruiser’s knee with the chair. Lethal then applied the figure-four leglock to Bruiser, who tapped out. After being announced as the victor, the merciless Lethal re-applied the figure-four after the match as Young watched from the entrance. Lethal tried to get to Young but security was able to prevent him from doing so.

ROH World Champion Cody Has “Real” Talk for Minoru Suzuki 

Cody, making his first comments since it was announced last week that Suzuki -- regarded as one of the most dangerous and feared competitors in the world -- had answered his open challenge and will face him for the ROH World Title at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on Sept. 22, noted that the Japanese legend has had much success in MMA fights and is a submission specialist. Cody said that the word “real” is always brought up in the debate of MMA vs. pro wrestling/sports entertainment, but what’s truly real is that he’s going to stretch Suzuki. Cody said he will have Suzuki down on his knees admitting that Cody is the better man. “The American Nightmare is not one you can wake up from,” Cody said, “because it’s real.”

Will Ferrara Attacks Cheeseburger at Meet and Greet

At a meet and greet session with ROH fans before the show, Cheeseburger was posing for a photo with a fan wearing a Jushin “Thunder” Liger mask. The “fan” suddenly attacked Cheeseburger, revealing himself to be Ferrara. Ferrara continued to assault Cheeseburger before security intervened.

The Addiction Are the First Guests of Coleman’s Pulpit

Coleman wasn’t pleased that the pieces he ordered for his set still weren’t there, as he had three chairs (not the Bishop’s chairs he wanted), a basic ROH banner behind him and one microphone. Coleman remarked that apparently, he had to earn his segment. He then welcomed his guests, the controversial Addiction (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels). Kazarian said he called Coleman to be on his show because he’s not a corporate geek like Riccaboni. Kazarian said he and Daniels are declaring war on respect. He said Coleman and The Addiction have been disrespected by ROH fans. Coleman asked Daniels why The Addiction interfered in the ROH World Tag Team Title match last week between The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns. Daniels said it’s not about the title, or their rivalry with MCMG, or their hatred of the Bucks. He said it’s about the fact that he was betrayed by the fans. Daniels said he and Kazarian will find out what the fans want and then make sure they never have it again.

Will Ferrara vs. Howie Timberche

Newcomer Timberche surprisingly dominated the match in the early going, even singing in between executing maneuvers. Ferrara’s suicide tornado DDT turned things around, however. Ferrara went on to hit a low blow on Timberche out of the referee’s view before landing another tornado DDT for the win. After the match, Cheeseburger came out and challenged Ferrara to a match next week. Ferrara accepted.

Jay Briscoe Isn’t Happy About Not Being Medically Cleared

Briscoe, who had been scheduled to team with his brother Mark and Bully Ray against Bullet Club’s Cody, Adam Page and Marty Scurll in a six-man tag match, was not medically cleared by doctors after suffering a concussion at the hands of The Kingdom two weeks ago. Briscoe said the doctors consider him a liability, but no one canceled his plane ticket and he’s in the building. “That’s your liability,” he said.

Mark Briscoe and Bully Ray vs. Bullet Club’s Cody and Adam Page

Briscoe got off to a fast start, but Cody and Page eventually cut the ring off and kept Bully Ray out of the match for a long stretch. When Briscoe was finally able to tag in his partner, Bully cleaned house. Bully and Briscoe prepared to “get the tables,” but Scurll came down to the ring and jumped on the apron. Suddenly, Jay Briscoe appeared and pulled Scurll down. Jay got Scurll in position for a Jay Driller through a table outside the ring, but Scurll slipped out of Jay’s grasp. As Jay and Scurll brawled around the arena, Mark hit a Fisherman Buster on Cody for a near fall. Mark was setting up for a top rope splash onto a fallen Page, who was lying on a table outside the ring, but The Kingdom’s TK O’Ryan came out and used a baseball bat to knock Mark off the ropes while the referee was looking elsewhere. Cody took advantage by hitting Cross Rhodes on Mark for the victory. As Bully attended to Mark after the match, O’Ryan nailed him with the bat. O’Ryan and fellow Kingdom members Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia delivered a three-on-one beatdown to Bully. Jay came in to make the save, but he fell victim to the numbers game and Taven’s walking stick. The Kingdom hit Rockstar Supernova on Jay and stood tall.