ROH Recap: Lethal, Gresham, Cobb, Maff Battle Bouncers, 2G1T In Eight-Man Tag Action

ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham form an uneasy alliance with Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff to face The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) and 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods) in an eight-man tag match. Also: LifeBlood’s Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams take on Vincent and Bateman, plus highlights of Banido versus Alex Zayne, Sumie Sakai against Nicole Savoy, and more!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #439
Airdate: Weekend of Feb. 15, 2020

Cold Open: 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods) defeat the Briscoes in a No. 1 contender’s match at Final Battle Fallout on Dec. 14 thanks to an (unwanted) assist from ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham.

Highlights from Honor Reigns Supreme (Jan. 12): Bandido vs. Alex Zayne

Zayne, who created a buzz in July when video of him executing a 630 senton over the top rope that put his opponent through a door during a Game Changer Wrestling event went viral, put on a buzzworthy performance in his ROH debut.

In a fast-paced match with both wrestlers performing innovative, high-risk maneuvers, Zayne hit a shooting star knee drop and followed with a straightjacket pumphandle slam to score a shocking upset.

Zayne joined a short list of competitors (RUSH, Shane Taylor, Marty Scurll and Flip Gordon) who have pinned Bandido in a singles match in ROH.

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Highlights from Honor Reigns Supreme: Sumie Sakai vs. Nicole Savoy

The night before this match, Sakai attacked Savoy after blaming her for their loss to The Allure. 

At one point, Sakai kicked the middle rope as the referee was stepping back into the ring, which had the effect of a low blow. Sakai was lucky that he decided not to disqualify her. Sakai hit a half Dragon Suplex into a bridge, but the referee was still incapacitated and couldn’t make the count. Sakai introduced a chain into the match, struck Savoy with it out of the referee’s view, and then hit Smash Mouth. The referee recovered and made the three count.

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4. The Embassy
3. The House of Truth
2. The Age of the Fall
1. Generation Next

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams) vs. Vincent and Bateman (w/Chuckles The Clown and Vita Von Starr) 

Haskins had the Sharpshooter locked on Vincent when Chuckles grabbed a block of wood and hit Haskins with it, causing a disqualification. After the match, Vincent and Chuckles were preparing to do more damage to Haskins with the object, but Williams chased them away with a chair.

ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham, Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) and 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods)

Lethal and Gresham never really got on the same page with Cobb and Maff, and The Bouncers a didn’t exactly seem thrilled to be teamed up with Young, which was not surprising given their history. Despite the lack of cohesion, Lethal, Gresham, Cobb and Maff got the win after Cobb hit Tour of the Islands on Bruiser.

After the match, Lethal and Gresham exchanged words with Cobb and Maff.