ROH Recap: Is Kenny King the New ROH World TV Champion?

Frankie Kazarian Has Harsh Words For Honor Nation

Kazarian came to the ring without his Addiction partner, former ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels. He asked the crowd if they respect Daniels and all the contributions the two of them have made to the business. The fans reacted positively, but Kazarian said they were lying. He said the fans may never again see Daniels in an ROH ring because they don’t deserve to. Kazarian said the fans would rather throw streamers and start stupid chants than watch the best wrestling on the planet. He said his mission is to destroy everything the fans like about ROH because -- and he chanted this -- “You deserve it.”

Punishment Martinez vs. Flip Gordon

The 5-foot-10, 189-pound Gordon used a multitude of flips to keep the 6-foot-6, 272-pound Martinez off balance. Gordon landed a spectacular frog splash, but the monstrous Martinez remarkably kicked out at one. Gordon later hit a backflip Samoan Drop and Asai Moonsault, but he couldn’t put away his larger foe. He then set up for Kinder Surprise on the top rope, but Martinez blocked it and hit South of Heaven off the top for the victory. As Martinez was about to head backstage, his nemesis, Jay White, suddenly appeared and met him head-on. White, who had been jumped by Martinez on multiple occasions, got some payback before security seperated them. It’s clear the issue between Martinez and White is far from over.

Kenny King Says He Is Ready For Kushida

King said he’s totally focused on Kushida and winning the ROH World Television Title tonight. He said time’s up for Kushida and it’s time for the King to reign.

Colt Cabana Interviews The Tempura Boyz

Cabana attempted to conduct a backstage interview with Sho and Yo, but they responded to him in Japanese, so Cabana cut the interview short.

Cheeseburger vs. Rhett Titus

Titus attacked Cheeseburger before the bell and remained on the offensive once the match began. The popular Cheeseburger rallied, however, and he had the momentum after hitting Shotay on Titus. But Cheeseburger’s former friend Will Ferrara came down to the ring and distracted him. Titus took advantage and hit the Doggy Splash for the win.

ROH World Champion Cody Tells the Competition: ‘Prove Me Wrong’

Putting his twist on a line from a famous Johnny Cash song, Cody said: “I’ve been everywhere, man … and I’ve beaten everybody.”  He said there’s an expression that there’s always somebody who’s tougher or working harder than you, but it doesn’t apply to him. “Go ahead, prove me wrong,” he said.

Dalton Castle Confronts Colt Cabana

Cabana, who was doing color commentary for the broadcast, spoke with lead announcer Ian Riccaboni about wanting to team with The Tempura Boyz to face Castle and The Boys. Castle, accompanied by The Boys, came out and said that if that’s a match Cabana wants, they not only accept, but they’ll also put their ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title on the line. Cabana agreed to the match, and Castle said they should do it next week. The match was made official.

ROH World Television Title Match: Kushida (Champion) vs. Kenny King

These two talented competitors were having an outstanding back-and-forth match before it was ruined by Bullet Club’s Marty Scurll and Adam Page, who hit the ring and attacked both men while Kushida had the Hoverboard Lock on King. The interference resulted in the match being thrown out. After order was restored, King told Kushida they have to meet again for the title in the future, but he said it would be his honor if Kushida would team with him now to “put a beat-down on these two.” Kushida agreed, and an impromptu tag match was sanctioned.

Kenny King and Kushida vs. Bullet Club’s Marty Scurll and Adam Page

Just moments after being opponents, King and Kushida worked well together as partners. Scurll and Page were up to the challenge, however, and Scurll nearly won the match for his team after hitting a powerbomb on Kushida for a near fall. After King was tagged in, he stunned Scurll with a springboard blockbuster and later hit a spinning heel kick into a Royal Flush on Page for the win. After the match, King and Kushida shook hands in a display of mutual respect.