ROH Recap: Is Kazarian the new ROH World Champion?

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe) vs. Coast To Coast (LSG and Shaheem Ali) vs. Tempura Boyz (Sho and Yo) in a Non-Title Match

War Machine’s size and power advantage over their opponents was on full display at the start of the match, as Hanson and Rowe dominated both teams. Coast To Coast and Tempura Boyz would not go quietly, however. In a surprising display of strength, Sho hit a German Suplex on the massive Hanson, and LSG thrilled the crowd with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope onto Sho, Yo and Rowe on the floor. Hanson, though, once again showed that he’s more than a powerhouse, as he took out everyone with a senton off the top onto the floor. Tempura Boyz nearly pulled off the upset after planting Rowe with a spike piledriver for a near fall, but War Machine would not be denied. Hanson hit a devastating splash off the top onto Yo for the win. 

After the match, Rowe grabbed a microphone and said that everyone around the world knows what War Machine is capable of -- except Ring of Honor. He said it’s been a year since War Machine was screwed out of the ROH World Tag Team Title. He then brought up that when they had a title shot against then-champions the Young Bucks scheduled for  Best in the World in June, the Best Friends (Beretta and Chuckie T) showed up before the match and asked to make it a it a triple threat, and the Young Bucks obliged. Rowe declared that War Machine’s good behavior is over. “You’re not going to like this version of War Machine,” he said ominously. Hanson said, “This is world domination.”

Corey Hollis vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon frustrated Hollis early with his acrobatic and unorthodox offense, but Hollis -- eager to impress ROH officials in hopes of landing a contract -- eventually took control of the match by targeting Gordon’s left arm. Hollis hit a single-arm DDT for a near fall. The resilient Gordon rallied, however, hitting Kinder Surprise and following up with  Four Nifty for the victory. It was Gordon’s first win since signing with ROH just over four months ago.

Frankie Kazarian’s Message To Cody

Kazarian had threatening words for ROH fans, management, and ROH World Champion Cody prior to his shot at the world title later in the show. Kazarian said he will win the title to “piss off every ROH fan and official.” He said he wants the idea of him becoming the champion to “make [ROH COO] Joe Koff throw up all over himself.” Kazarian said that in Cody’s hometown of Atlanta, he will become Cody’s “new nightmare.”

Women of Honor Update

Ian Riccaboni caught up viewers on the latest happenings with the Women of Honor via video highlights, including Mandy Leon competing in Stardom’s prestigious 5-Star Grand Prix in Japan, ROH Dojo graduate Stella Grey making her ROH debut with less than a year of training, and newcomer Brandi Rhodes -- the wife of ROH World Champion Cody -- being determined to become a force in ROH.

The attention then shifted to the rivalry between Kelly Klein, Deonna Purrazzo and Karen Q. It all started in April when Purrazzo made Klein tap out, but the referee was incapacitated and didn’t see it, and Klein went on to escape with the win and her undefeated record intact. Shortly thereafter, Klein did suffer her first loss -- by countout; she has still yet to be pinned or forced to submit -- to Karen Q thanks to a distraction from Karen’s friend, Purrazzo. In a triple threat match between the three competitors a couple months later, Karen Q pinned Purrazzo, which created tension between the two. In a rematch between Klein and Purrazzo in July, Karen Q came down to ringside and turned on Purrazzo, allowing Klein to steal the victory. It seems that Karen Q is fueled by jealousy, believing Purrazzo has outshined her.

As the video recap concluded, Klein interrupted Riccaboni and said Purrazzo and Karen Q think they've accomplished something because they’ve gotten attention, but they’ve made the mistake of forgetting about her. Klein said she doesn’t have to worry about trusting anyone because she is on her own, so while Purrazzo and Karen Q are fighting each other, she has one singular purpose: to take down anyone in her path.

ROH World Title Match: Cody (champion) vs. Frankie Kazarian

An aggressive Kazarian gained the early advantage and got a near fall after hitting a slingshot cutter. Kazarian later went for a rollup, but Cody turned it into the LeBell Lock. With Kazarian trapped in the submission hold, his partner in The Addiction, Christopher Daniels, came down to ringside and distracted referee Todd Sinclair. With Sinclair’s attention diverted, Cody released the hold. Cody’s Bullet Club teammate Marty Scurll came out in attempt to neutralize Daniels, but Daniels whipped “The Villain” into the ring post.

Cody caught Kazarian in a small package and had him pinned for nearly 10 seconds, but Sinclair again was distracted by Daniels. Cody went for the figure-four, but Kazarian pushed him off and right into Sinclair. Kazarian hit a lungblower on Cody. Daniels then nailed Cody in the head with the ROH World Championship belt, and Kazarian followed with the Unprettier. Sinclair recovered from the collision with Cody and began to make the count. Cody kicked out at the very last moment. Kaz climbed to the top rope, but Scurll knocked him off and then took out Daniels outside the ring. The path was clear for Cody, who hit Cross Rhodes on Kazarian to retain his title.