ROH Recap: Jonathan Gresham And Alex Shelley Battle Lock Up In Another Technical Wrestling Classic

After Alex Shelley bested Jonathan Gresham in October, Gresham is looking to even the score in this rematch of outstanding technicians. Also on this episode: Eli Isom takes on veteran Crowbar, Soldiers of Savagery are in action, and more!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #434
Airdate: Weekend of Jan. 11, 2020

Cold Open: Alex Shelley defeats Jonathan Gresham in an outstanding technical wrestling match at Glory By Honor in New Orleans on Oct. 12.

Highlights from Final Battle Fallout: Flip Gordon vs. Rey Horus

An exciting, back-and-forth contest ended with Gordon forcing Horus to tap out to the STF (Submit to Flip). Moments earlier, Gordon had kicked out of Horus’ spectacular twisting bodyscissors driver off the top rope.

Backstage: PJ Black again offers to mentor Brian Johnson

TV exclusive: Crowbar (w/Percival Payne and Serena) vs. Eli Isom

In a pre-taped backstage interview, Crowbar said he and Isom are here for two very different reasons. He said Isom desires to earn the respect of his peers and climb the ladder in ROH, but he, on the other hand, is trapped by the need for violence and to inflict punishment. 

In a separate interview, Isom said ROH is where veterans such as PCO and Dan Maff come back to reinvent themselves, so it only makes sense that Crowbar is doing it, too. Isom said he’s part of the new generation that wants to prove themselves, and Crowbar won’t beat him.

Crowbar, making his first appearance in ROH since 2012, took a cheap shot on Isom during the Code of Honor. He continued to control the match, thanks in large part to distractions from Serena and Payne, his large manservant. Crowbar took the match outside the ring and hit a Vader Bomb off the guardrail. Isom rallied and hit a suicide dive that took out both Crowbar and Payne. Isom finished off the veteran with a brainbuster.

Highlights from Final Battle Fallout: Bully Ray puts Maria Manic through a table

Just as Manic was about to powerbomb The Allure’s Angelina Love through a table, Bully Ray ambushed Manic and chokeslammed her through the table.

Backstage: Bully Ray explains his actions

TV exclusive: Shinobi Shadow Squad’s Cheeseburger and Ryan Nova vs. Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun)

Cheeseburger made an open challenge to any tag team to face him and Nova. SOS answered the challenge.

Cheeseburger and Nova got off to a strong start, as they took advantage of their edge in quickness. SOS eventually overpowered them and went on the attack. Moses and Kaun won the match with an assisted DDT on Nova.

From Final Battle Fallout: ROH World Tag Team Champion Jonathan Gresham (w/Jay Lethal) vs. Alex Shelley

Gresham prevailed over his former Search and Destroy teammate Shelley in a technical wrestling classic. After a flurry of moves and counters, Gresham maneuvered Shelley into a pinning combination and held him down for the three count. With the win, Gresham avenged his loss to Shelley at Glory By Honor in October.