ROH Recap: Flip Gordon vs Bullet Club's Adam Page

Beer City Bruiser vs. Marty Scurll

Jay Lethal -- Scurll’s opponent at the Final Battle pay-per-view Dec. 15 -- came out to the stage to watch the match. Bruiser used his significant size advantage to continually thwart Scurll every time the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion tried to gain momentum. At one point, “The Villain” went for a pin with his feet on the ropes for leverage, but the referee saw it and stopped the count. 

Bruiser picked up a head of steam and charged into the corner in an attempt to splash Scurll, but Scurll moved and Bruiser inadvertently took out the referee. With the referee temporarily incapacitated, Scurll grabbed his umbrella and nailed Bruiser in the head with it. Lethal started to walk down the aisle as if he was going to intervene, but he ended up staying back. Scurll covered Bruiser, and the referee recovered to make the three count.

Highlights Clip: Dalton Castle Wins Soaring Eagle Cup

From the Soaring Eagle Cup tournament at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., in October, Castle defeated Flip Gordon in a qualifying match and then beat Matt Taven, Silas Young and Frankie Kazarian in an elimination match to win the Cup.

Dalton Castle Sit-Down Interview

Castle talked about getting into amateur wrestling when he was 12 and being a wrestler ever since. He mentioned losing in ROH’s Top Prospect Tournament a few years ago, “but look at me now,” he said. “I’m as fantastic as I say I am.”

Castle said he wishes his match with ROH World Champion Cody at Final Battle was just about the title, but Cody has made it personal.  He went through his history with Cody, which included Cody disguising himself as one of The Boys and jumping Castle before the opening bell in their match against one another earlier this year; Cody attacking Castle in the ring after Castle had lost to then-ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels at Supercard of Honor in April; Cody ambushing Castle backstage in Edinburgh during the War of the Worlds UK Tour this past summer; and Cody bullying The Boys, putting them in a crate and “shipping them out.”

Castle said Cody took away The Boys because he knew Castle would come back after being injured in the Edinburgh attack and he was looking for an advantage. Castle said if Cody thinks not having The Boys makes him weak then he’s wildly unprepared for the man he’ll be facing at Final Battle. Castle said he will be the man who kicks Cody’s [expletive].

Clip: The Briscoes Invade Bully Ray’s Training Center

Jay and Mark Briscoe barged into Bully Ray’s wrestling school looking for Bully. Mark was recording everything on his cell phone. Three of Bully’s students -- two males and a female -- were working out in the ring. They told the Briscoes that Bully wasn’t there.

The Briscoes attacked the two male students and verbally intimidated the female. They continued searching for Bully, ripping framed photos off the wall and breaking them along the way. They came back to the ring area, tossed one of the students into the ring and hit 3D on him.

Mark Briscoe yelled, “What’s it gonna take, Bully?”

Coleman’s Pulpit Welcomes … Caprice Coleman?

Through the magic of video editing, Coleman interviewed himself.  When asked if he was jealous of ROH World Television Champion Kenny King’s success, Coleman said he has a lot of respect for King, but he believes anyone can be a champion if given the right opportunity. 

Coleman, who has a shot at King’s title on next week’s show, said he’s prepared to take King’s place in the Four Corner Survival Match at Final Battle.

“Kenny King, you’re not a king, you’re not a peasant, you’re not even a pawn. Kenny, you’re a ho,” Coleman said. “It’s my responsibility to make you my priority and become Ring of Honor’s new television champion.”

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) (champions) vs. The Kingdom’s Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan

It was an evenly contested match in the early going before Marseglia and O’Ryan gained the upper hand after O’Ryan feigned a knee injury to cause a distraction. O’Ryan hit a cutter on Sabin, and Marseglia followed up with Redrum off the top for the first of two near falls for the challengers.

Perhaps frustrated by his and Marseglia’s  inability to put away the champions, O’Ryan brought his baseball bat into the ring, but he inadvertently hit his partner with it. The Machine Guns capitalized on the miscue by hitting a series of precision double-team moves for the victory.

Adam Page vs. Flip Gordon

After Gordon captained a team that nearly upset Bullet Club in an eight-man tag match last week, the next battle in his war with Bullet Club was a singles match against Page. The two acrobatic and innovative competitors fought to a statemate early until Page hung Gordon upside down in the corner and used a chair to springboard into him feet-first.

Gordon came back with a springboard hurricanrana followed by a running Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Page answered with a spectacular moonsault from the top rope onto Gordon outside the ring. The resilient Gordon then landed a Samoan Pop, Pele Kick and Star-Spangled Stunner in succession to score the upset.

As the referee raised Gordon’s hand after the match, The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson, wearing a referee’s shirt, slipped into the ring, pulled the referee away from Gordon and then raised Gordon’s hand himself. Once Gordon realized it was Jackson he tried to pull away, but Jackson maintained his grip and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Nick Jackson then nailed Gordon with a superkick.

Cody’s Parting Shot

The ROH World Champion was watching the proceedings in the ring on the monitor backstage. He said Gordon is delusional if he thinks he’s taking the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles from The Hung Bucks at Final Battle. Cody said Gordon is as naive as Dalton Castle thinking he’s taking the ROH World Title from him.