ROH Recap: Flip Gordon And Young Bucks Unite

Flip Gordon takes on Scorpio Sky and then has a breakthrough with The Young Bucks, Bully Ray delivers bad news to The Kingdom and makes two big title matches for Supercard of Honor, Kelly Klein and Mandy Leon square off in the Women of Honor Title Tournament quarterfinals, and Bullet Club’s Adam Page and Marty Scurll team up against The Boys!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #340 (watch full episode)
Airdate: Weekend of March 24, 2018
Location: Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas


-- ROH enforcer Bully Ray removed The Kingdom from Supercard of Honor

-- Kelly Klein defeated Mandy Leon in a Women of Honor Title Tournament quarterfinal match

-- Adam Page and Marty Scurll defeated The Boys

-- Kenny King and Silas Young brawled backstage and at ringside

-- Bully Ray booked King against Young in a Last Man Standing Match for King’s ROH World Television Title at Supercard of Honor

-- Flip Gordon defeated Scorpio Sky

-- The Young Bucks saved Gordon from an attack by SoCal Uncensored, and Gordon and the Bucks embraced after the match

-- Bully Ray booked The Young Bucks and Gordon versus ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored in a Ladder Match at Supercard of Honor


Bully Ray drops a bomb on The Kingdom

After a clip aired from ROH’s 16th Anniversary pay-per-view that showed ROH enforcer Bully Ray getting physical with The Kingdom’s Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan after the duo attacked The Hung Bucks, Marseglia, O'Ryan and Matt Taven came down to the ring and once again complained about the Kingdom Conspiracy in ROH. Taven said they are going to regain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles at Supercard of Honor (April 7) and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Bully Ray interrupted and said there is no conspiracy. He said all of The Kingdom’s complaining and interfering in matches will get them nowhere because he is removing them from Supercard of Honor. O’Ryan questioned Bully’s authority to make that decision and said they might just show up anyway. Bully said if the three of them were that tough they’d “come get some right now.” He said he’d fire them right now if he could.

Women of Honor Title Tournament Recap

A video package showed highlights of Kagetsu’s win over Jenny Rose and Sumie Sakai’s win over Hana Kumura in first-round matches.

Women of Honor Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon

The match was physical and intense from the opening bell. The hard-hitting Klein dominated in the early going until she hit a fallaway slam off the middle rope that took its toll on both competitors. Leon rallied and hit Astral Projection for a very close near fall.

Leon then applied her Havana Dreams submission move. Klein tapped out by slapping her left hand on Leon’s knee, but the referee was on Klein’s right side and did not see it. Leon, thinking she had won, released the hold. As Leon pleaded her case to the referee, a smirking Klein attacked Leon from behind and applied her End of the Match submission finisher. Leon passed out and the referee called for the bell.

Klein advances to the semifinals, where she will meet the winner of next week’s quarterfinal match between Deonna Purrazzo and Mayu Iwatani.

Jay Lethal has an international superstar for a partner in match against The Briscoes

In a backstage interview, Lethal said he knew he needed one of the best wrestlers in the world to be his partner at Supercard of Honor to face The Briscoes for their ROH World Tag Team Titles, and that’s why he got New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Hiroshi Tanahashi. “Tanahashi, don’t let me down,” Lethal said.

SoCal Uncensored issue a warning

In a backstage interview with ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky), Kazarian said that with the clock ticking on their careers, there’s nothing they won’t do to keep their titles. 

Bullet Club’s Adam Page and Marty Scurll vs. The Boys (w/ROH World Champion Dalton Castle)

Scurll came out in a suit and wearing an eye patch, presumably to protect his eye from the injury he suffered during his match against Punishment Martinez at 16th Anniversary. Page ended up working the entire match for his team, as Scurll would tag in and then quickly tag out before engaging in physicality. Although The Boys got in some offense, Page had things under control for the most part and hit the Buckshot Lariat on one of The Boys for the win.

After the match, Scurll jawed with Castle, who sat in on commentary during the match. Scurll will challenge for Castle’s ROH World Title at Supercard of Honor.

Silas Young and Kenny King brawl

Word got out that a situation was occurring backstage, so a cameraman was dispatched to see what was happening. Bitter rivals Young and King were fighting, with Young on the offensive.

The Briscoes have a message for Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Mark Briscoe said that the one thing everyone will be talking about during Supercard of Honor weekend in New Orleans is the beating he and his brother put on Lethal and Tanahashi. Jay Briscoe said Lethal and Tanahashi are two of the best singles wrestlers in the world, but he and Mark are the best tag team in the world.

Silas Young and Kenny King brawl rages on

The fight spilled down the ramp to the ringside area before security, referees and Bully Ray separated them. Young grabbed a microphone and said that he had King beaten for the ROH World Television Title at 16th Anniversary. He urged Bully Ray to give him a rematch. King not only accepted the challenge, but he insisted that it be a Last Man Standing Match at Supercard of Honor. Bully Ray made it official.

Flip Gordon vs. Scorpio Sky

Two weeks ago, Sky attacked Gordon immediately after Gordon had defeated Shane Taylor to earn a future shot at the ROH World Television Title. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) made the save, and Matt offered a handshake to Gordon. Having been the victim of a number of “harmless ribs” by The Young Bucks, a wary Gordon left Matt hanging and exited the ring.

In this week’s match, Sky was on the offensive for the majority of the contest, but Gordon eventually seized the momentum. At that point, Christopher Daniels came out and jumped on the apron to distract the referee. That allowed Frankie Kazarian to enter the ring and attack Gordon. Gordon managed to toss Kazarian out of the ring, however, and then caught Sky in a wheelbarrow roll-through for the three count.

After the match, all three members of SoCal Uncensored attacked Gordon. The Young Bucks hit the ring and SCU quickly retreated. Matt Jackson once again offered his hand to Gordon while SCU looked on from the ramp. Gordon started to walk away but then came back and shook Matt’s hand. Matt pulled Gordon in for a hug to the delight of the crowd.

Bully Ray came out and gave credit to Gordon for taking all of the Young Bucks’ ribs, never complaining and earning his spot. Bully then booked The Young Bucks and Gordon versus ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored at Supercard of Honor in a ladder match!


“I don’t normally agree with The Kingdom but they have a point. Bully Ray got physical at 16th Anniversary. Is that really the role of Bully Ray?”

-- ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni

“Maybe you guys just suck.”

-- ROH enforcer Bully Ray in response to The Kingdom’s complaints about a conspiracy against them

“Mandy Leon, you may see yourself as the first-ever Women of Honor champion, but I just see you as the next person I step on on my way to the top.”

-- Kelly Klein prior to her match against Mandy Leon

“Kelly Klein, you claim to have defeated every woman in Ring of Honor, but you haven’t defeated me. This is my dream to be the first Women of Honor champion, and you’re not going to get in the way of that.”

-- Mandy Leon prior to her match against Kelly Klein

“How are you gonna stand after I break both your damn legs?”

-- Kenny King to Silas Young after demanding that they have a Last Man Standing Match at Supercard of Honor


-- ROH World Champion Dalton Castle and ROH World Television Champion Kenny King vs. ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes

-- Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mayu Iwatani in a Women of Honor Title Tournament quarterfinal match