ROH Recap: Did Young And Woods Become 2 Guys 1 Tag Team Champs?

ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham put their belts on the line against 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods). Also, the Briscoes battle Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff, and Alex Shelley squares off with Rey Horus!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #444
Airdate: Weekend of March 21, 2020

Cold Open: A 2 Guys 1 Tag highlight video aired.

The Briscoes vs. Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff

This match was every bit as hard-hitting as one would expect given who the four competitors were. At one point, Cobb and Maff teamed up to hit a huge pop-up cutter on Jay Briscoe. Had Mark Briscoe not made the save, that likely would’ve been the end of the match. Shortly thereafter, Jay Briscoe hit a Jay Driller on Cobb, and Mark Briscoe followed with Froggy Bow for the win.

Since Cobb and Maff are owed an ROH World Tag Team Title shot by virtue of their win over Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham at Free Enterprise, the Briscoes have now put themselves in line for a championship match with this victory.

Alex Shelley vs. Rey Horus

Shelley and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title co-holder Horus engaged in an intense match with a lot of outstanding technical wrestling and hard strikes. In the end, Shelley locked on the Border City Stretch and forced Horus to tap out.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs. 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods)

As the challengers made their way to the ring, Lethal and Gresham attacked them from behind. Lethal clipped Young’s left knee with one of the championship belts.

Lethal and Gresham targeted Young’s knee throughout the match, but “Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man” proved resilient. Lethal hit Lethal Injection on Young, and Gresham followed with a spectacular Shooting Star Press, yet Young somehow managed to kick out just in time. Gresham went for a figure-four leglock on Young, but Young turned it into an inside cradle. While the referee was momentarily distracted, Lethal reversed the leverage on the pin attempt, and Gresham held Young down for the three count.