ROH Recap: Dalton Castle Returns To Action In Big Six-Man Tag

Former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle is revealed as the mystery partner of ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham in their match against The Kingdom; ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb faces a stiff test in Shane Taylor; and The Bouncers look to get back on track against Cheeseburger and Eli Isom!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #373
Airdate: Weekend of Nov. 10, 2018
Location: 2300 Arena in Philadelphia

-- ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Shane Taylor in a non-title match

-- The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) defeated Cheeseburger and Eli Isom

-- ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dalton Castle defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan)


Non-title Match: ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Shane Taylor

Cobb extended his hand in adherence to the Code of Honor, but Taylor spat on it. The two powerhouses each tried to prove their superiority but it was a stalemate until Taylor landed a big clothesline. Taylor later prepared to hit a move off the top turnbuckle, but Cobb nailed him with a dropkick. Cobb then executed a delayed vertical suplex followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Taylor halted Cobb’s momentum by connecting with two knee strikes to the face. He then hit the Cleveland Destroyer and a lariat for a near fall. Cobb responded with a German Suplex and a clothesline before hitting Tour of the Islands for the victory.

After the match, “Hangman” Adam Page came down to the ring and got in Cobb’s face. Security entered the ring, but Cobb and Page disposed of them and resumed their standoff. There was one security member left in the ring. After Page exited, Cobb superkicked the security member and hit Tour of the Islands on him.

Jay Lethal wants payback

In a backstage segment, the ROH World Champion said he doesn’t blame Kenny King for attacking him last week, but he’ll get even with him on the Global Wars tour. Lethal said tonight he has a score to settle with Matt Taven and The Kingdom. Lethal said he, Jonathan Gresham and their mystery partner will put an end to them.

Brian Milonas is ready, but is Beer City Bruiser?

In a pre-taped backstage segment with The Bouncers, Milonas said they will fight anyone who bellies up to the bar. He said their opponents tonight -- Cheeseburger and Eli Isom -- are going to get punched in the mouth. Bruiser seemed distracted and mispronounced Isom’s name. Milonas told him to get his head in the game.

Later backstage, Milonas was looking for Bruiser, as their match was up next. Milonas eventually found Bruiser drinking alone and looking distraught. Bruiser was still upset about his falling out with Silas Young. Milonas said he needs to get over it. Bruiser agreed and said, “Let’s go punch someone in the mouth.”

Match announcement

With the series between super villain Marty Scurll and superhero Shane “Hurricane” Helms tied  1-1 with one double disqualification, they will settle things once and for all with a no-disqualification match next week.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) vs. Cheeseburger and Eli Isom (w/Ryan Nova)

Underdogs Cheeseburger and Isom frustrated The Bouncers in the early going, but eventually the brawling behemoths gained the advantage and isolated Cheeseburger.
When Cheeseburger finally tagged in Isom, Isom got on a roll and hit a flying bodypress on Bruiser for a near fall. Later, Cheeseburger DDT’d Bruiser, and Isom followed with a suplex for a near fall. In the end, The Bouncers hit Last Call on Isom for the win.

Christopher Daniels promises The Addiction will win tag team gold next week

SCU (Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) came down to the ring. Daniels talked about how ROH COO Joe Koff told him and Kazarian that they were done with ROH after Final Battle. Daniels said Koff was right to make that decision because they gave him every reason to want them gone, but they realized they were wrong and in the past few months they’ve tried to give Koff every reason to want to keep SCU in ROH. He said the best way to do that is to end ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe’s reign of terror.

Daniels said that next week the Briscoes will defend the titles against The Addiction (Daniels and Kazarian) and The Young Bucks in a triple threat match. He promised that The Addiction will win the titles and change Koff’s mind.

As SCU made their way back up the aisle, the Briscoes attacked them from behind. Jay Briscoe hit a sick-looking Jay Driller on Daniels on the stage.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan)

Lethal and Gresham introduced Castle as their mystery partner. Castle, who has been battling back and knee issues, has not wrestled on TV since losing the ROH World Title in a Four Corner Survival Match on June 30. He came to the ring with a wrap on his lower back and left knee.

The match quickly spilled to the outside, where Taven tossed Castle over the barricade. As referee Todd Sinclair tried to restore order, he was dragged under the ring. Back inside the ring, Taven nailed Lethal in the stomach and across the back with a chair and made a cover. Sinclair emerged from under the ring and counted the pin, but Lethal kicked out at two.

After several more minutes of furious, back-and-forth action, Lethal hit Lethal Combination on Marseglia and Lethal Injection on O’Ryan. At that point, Taven pulled Lethal outside the ring. Marseglia grabbed a chair and went to use it on Castle, but Castle got him in position for Bang-A-Rang and hit the move, with Marseglia’s head bouncing off the chair upon impact. Castle made the cover for the win.

After the match, there was a tense moment between Lethal and Castle over the ROH World Title belt, but it ended with a handshake.


“Silas has changed his flights on me, he won’t return my text messages. He won’t even return my emails.”
-- Beer City Bruiser, obviously still upset over his falling out with Silas Young

“This is the 2300 Arena … and I consider this place sacred ground. I look up here and I see names like Terry Funk, Jerry Lynn, The Pit Bulls, Chris Candido, it goes on and on. And it is my honor to be in this building.”
-- Frankie Kazarian

“Two of the greatest tag teams in Ring of Honor history are standing between us and our future in Ring of Honor. But … I promise you The Addiction will win the world tag team championships next week, we will change Joe Koff’s mind, and in 2019 the best damn thing about Ring of Honor is going to be SCU!”
-- Christopher Daniels on The Addiction’s match against ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe and The Young Bucks next week


-- ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Jay and Mark Briscoe (champions) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)

-- No-Disqualification Match: Shane “Hurricane” Helms vs. Marty Scurll