ROH Recap: Cody vs Christopher Daniels 2 out of 3 Falls for the ROH World Title


ROH World Champion Cody’s Pre-Match Thoughts

Cody said that he’s felt the fire in his belly from suffering losses just like Christopher Daniels has, but unlike Daniels, he chose to take that fire and let the world burn. He said sometimes when he looks at Daniels he sees fire in his eyes, but then the fire fizzles and he sees mediocrity. He said mediocrity loves company, but so does magnificence, and the ROH World Title belt on his shoulder is magnificent.

Previously Banned Video: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian Speak

The controversial comments by Daniels and Kazarian that had been banned from TV for three weeks by the ROH board of directors finally aired. Kazarian chastised the fans for booing Daniels at Best in the World and said the fans make him sick. Daniels said he thought he was going to get a hero’s welcome at Best in the World, but instead the fans chanted “Daniels sucks” and cheered Cody. He said they sure weren’t chanting for Cody when he was Stardust. Daniels said Cody doesn’t even respect ROH enough to sign a contract with the company. Daniels said he thought when he signed a new two-year deal with ROH and became world champion that he would lead a passionate fan base that appreciated him, but they’re all just a bunch of bandwagon fans. He said he will regain his title from Cody and then walk up to ROH COO Joe Koff and demand his release so that he can become a free agent like Cody. Daniels said he will then take the ROH World Title all over the world and defend it in front of everyone except Honor Nation. He said from now on anything he and Kazarian do is for them, not the fans.

Jay Lethal Returns, Lays Out Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

Young updated his “Jay Lethal is off TV board” to reflect that it’s been 43 days since Lethal -- who suffered broken ribs at the hands of Young and Bruiser at Best in the World -- last appeared on ROH TV. Young said he’s very proud of Bruiser for his role in injuring Lethal. Young said if Lethal is smart, he’ll never show his face in ROH again. Before Young could finish his sentence, Lethal’s music hit and the former ROH World Champion headed down to the ring. Lethal proceeded to attack Young and Bruiser with a chair. Several members of security tried to intervene, but an enraged Lethal effortlessly tossed them out of the ring. Lethal repeatedly slammed a chair into Young’s ribs and then hit Lethal Injection on him. Before exiting, Lethal grabbed Young’s board, erased the “43” and replaced it with a zero. 

ROH World Title Match (Two Out of Three Falls): Cody (Champion) vs. Christopher Daniels

In the biggest televised main event in ROH history, Daniels gained an early advantage through overly aggressive tactics and targeting Cody’s injured shoulder. After referee Todd Sinclair was inadvertently knocked down, Daniels delivered a low blow to the champion. Cody, however, responded with a low blow of his own. While both competitors and Sinclair were down, Frankie Kazarian came down to ringside and slid a chair into the ring. Cody’s Bullet Club teammate Marty Scurll came out to neutralize Kazarian. Daniels picked up the chair and prepared to use it, but Sinclair stopped him. Cody took advantage by rolling up Daniels for the three count to take the first fall.

Daniels immediately nailed Cody in the back with the chair, which technically wasn’t illegal since the bell hadn’t rung. Determined to even the match at one fall apiece, Daniels used Cody’s own move -- Cross Rhodes -- on him, but Cody kicked out. Daniels followed with Angel’s Wings, but again, the resilient Cody kicked out at the last second. The veteran former champion set up for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Cody moved out of the way, and Daniels landed on his feet. After a series of reversals, Cody hit Cross Rhodes to win the second fall and retain his championship.

The question now is: Where does Daniels go from here?