ROH Recap: Cody, Taven and Daniels Collide In Triple Threat Match

Three of the most controversial figures in ROH meet in a Triple Threat Match when Cody, Matt Taven and Christopher Daniels face off; Punishment Martinez and Shane Taylor clash in a battle of hard-hitting big men; and Jay Lethal looks to silence the slick-talking Caprice Coleman!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #342
Airdate: Weekend of April 7, 2018
Location: Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas


-- Punishment Martinez defeated Shane Taylor

-- Jay Lethal defeated Caprice Coleman

-- Matt Taven defeated Christopher Daniels and Cody in a Triple Threat Match


Shane Taylor vs. Punishment Martinez

Two of the most dangerous competitors in ROH dished out and absorbed some heavy blows in the early going before Taylor hit a big splash for a near fall. Martinez answered by hitting Journey Into Darkness on Taylor on the floor. Back in the ring, Martinez followed up with the South of Heaven chokeslam for the victory. 

Coleman’s Pulpit welcomes Jay Lethal

Lethal told Caprice Coleman that he wasn’t a fan of his show but he’s doing it because ROH asked him to. Lethal told Coleman he only gets to ask him two questions so he better make them good. Coleman said that ever since Lethal lost the ROH World Title in 2016 he has said every year that his goal is to regain the championship; Coleman sarcastically asked if that was Lethal’s goal for 2019 as well. Lethal saw through the passive-aggressive question and said winning the world title will always be his goal because it’s what makes you the greatest wrestler in the world.

Coleman then asked a more personal question, as he brought up one of Lethal’s ex-girlfriends. That was the final straw for Lethal, who stormed off.

Frankie Kazarian threatens Hiromu Takahashi and Daryl

In a backstage interview, Kazarian, who will face Takahashi next week, talked about how he and Christopher Daniels took Takahashi under their wing at one point. Kazarian said they gave Takahashi a rub and now his career is surging, but bringing a stuffed animal (Daryl) to the ring is stupid. Kazarian said he will defeat Takahashi and shove Daryl down his throat.

Caprice Coleman vs. Jay Lethal

Coleman attacked Lethal before the opening bell, and they assaulted one another with hard chops and punches on the floor before the action eventually spilled into the ring. Lethal went for Lethal Injection, but Coleman countered with a Cobra Clutch/Russian Legsweep combination into a crossface-type submission maneuver. Coleman went on to hit a snapmare driver for a near fall. Lethal rallied and connected on his second Lethal Injection attempt to score a hard-fought victory.

Women of Honor Title Tournament semifinals preview

Kelly Klein, Mayu Iwatani, Tenille Dashwood and Sumie Sakai offered their final thoughts heading into their semifinal matches at Supercard of Honor. 

Matt Taven vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Cody (w/Burnard The Business Bear)

There’s plenty of bad blood between these three men, which truly goes to show there’s no honor among thieves. Cody -- who was accompanied to the ring by a new bear mascot -- and Daniels have history going back to last year when Cody won the ROH World Title from him; Cody and Taven have been engaged in a fierce, personal rivalry the past few months; and Daniels and Taven saw the brief alliance between their two units explode three weeks ago.

After several minutes of back-and-forth action with no one able to sustain an advantage, Cody appeared to have the match won after hitting Cross Rhodes on Daniels. Taven, however, broke up the pin with a frog splash and covered Daniels for the win.


“I’m sorry. I’m not trying to punk you.”

-- Caprice Coleman after Jay Lethal took issue with Coleman bringing up that Lethal used to date a certain former WWE women’s star

“You bring a stuffed animal to the ring. A child’s toy. A stuffed cat named Daryl. While the marks may think it’s funny and ironic, I think it’s stupid. I think it sucks.”

-- Frankie Kazarian to Hiromu Takahashi


-- Tag team gauntlet match to determine No. 1 contenders for ROH World Tag Team Titles (Young Bucks, Motor City Machine Guns, The Kingdom, Coast 2 Coast, Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas, The Dawgs)

-- Frankie Kazarian vs. Hiromu Takahashi