ROH Recap: Castle Wins Four Corner Survival, Is First In Line For World Title Shot

Dalton Castle wins a Four Corner Survival Match over Chris Sabin, Flip Gordon and Marty Scurll to earn the first shot at ROH World Champion Jay Lethal in 2019; Christopher Daniels’ farewell speech ends in shocking fashion; Luchasaurus takes on ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb in a Proving Ground Match; and new Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein makes her first title defense.

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #381
Airdate: Weekend of Jan. 5, 2018
Location: 2300 Arena in Philadelphia


-- ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Luchasaurus in a Proving Ground Match

-- WOH World Champion Kelly Klein defeated Nikki Adams in a title match
-- Dalton Castle defeated Chris Sabin, Flip Gordon and Marty Scurll in a Four Corner Survival Match to earn an ROH World Title shot against Jay Lethal at Honor Reigns Supreme on Jan. 13 (streaming LIVE worldwide for HonorClub)


Matt Taven crashes ROH World Title announcement

ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni stood inside the ring along with the four men who are owed a shot at the ROH World Title: Dalton Castle (contractually obligated rematch), Marty Scurll (Survival of the Fittest winner), Flip Gordon (Sea of Honor winner) and Chris Sabin (lasted the time limit against ROH World Champion Jay Lethal in a Proving Ground Match). Riccaboni said they will compete in a Four Corner Survival Match tonight, with the winner getting the first shot at Lethal at Honor Reigns Supreme on Jan. 13 (streaming LIVE worldwide for HonorClub). Riccaboni then called for the ROH World Champion to come out, but instead of Lethal, Matt Taven appeared on the stage. 

Taven, with his faux ROH World Title belt draped over his shoulder, again claimed to be the real world champion. He said he doesn’t see anyone in the ring who deserves a title shot against him. Taven said Gordon won a tournament while everyone was on vacation, and then remarked that it was good to see Gordon’s face again because “for the past year your nose has been buried so deep in The Young Bucks’ asses.” Taven said he wondered if he’s gone back in a time machine to 2012 when Sabin was relevant and deserved to be in the world title picture. He said Scurll was the least deserving of them because he came up short in world title matches at Supercard of Honor and Best in the World. Taven said he successfully defended his title against Castle at Final Battle and it’s time Castle went away and faked another injury. Taven said the next person to get a title shot will have to earn it just like he did.

Lethal came out and confronted Taven. As they argued, Taven raised up his belt. Lethal knocked it out of his hands and raised up the legitimate title belt. Taven spit on the belt. They began brawling before security came out to separate them.

Proving Ground Match: ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Luchasaurus

As per the rules of a Proving Ground Match, if Luchasaurus defeats Cobb or lasts the entire 15-minute time limit, he will receive a future shot at the ROH World Television Title. Immediately after the bell rang, the enigmatic Luchasaurus stunned Cobb with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Luchasaurus tried to keep his momentum going, but when he charged Cobb in the corner, the champion caught him and hit a spinning suplex. Cobb followed with a superplex and standing moonsault for a near fall.

Luchasaurus rallied, hitting a chokeslam and a standing moonsault of his own for a near fall. Cobb answered with a belly to belly suplex off the top rope. Cobb then planted Luchasaurus with a piledriver and finished him off with Tour of the Islands.

WOH World Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein vs. Nikki Adams

This match was originally scheduled to be non-title, but Klein grabbed a microphone and said that every one-on-one match that she is in will be a title match. Adams refused to adhere to the Code of Honor and came out swinging. Klein was momentarily stunned but then gained the advantage. Adams halted Klein’s momentum with a big running kick to the face in the corner for a near fall. Klein recovered from the blow and hit a vicious knee to the face for the victory.

After the match, Jenny Rose came out to the stage and said that she and Klein have unfinished business. She challenged Klein to make their title match at Honor Reigns Supreme on Jan. 13 in Concord, N.C., a street fight. Klein accepted.

Beer City Bruiser still distraught over Silas Young

Brian Milonas found a depressed Beer City Bruiser sitting at the bar. Bruiser said that he and Young go back 18 years and traveled all over the world together, but now Young won’t return his calls. Milonas said Bruiser needs to confront Young face to face and demand an answer. Bruiser agreed.

Christopher Daniels’ farewell ends in chaos

Daniels came to the ring in a suit and said that after losing to Marty Scurll at Final Battle, there’s nothing left to do but say goodbye since his ROH contract isn’t being renewed. Daniels said he will take great memories with him, such as competing in the first ROH main event in 2002 and winning the ROH World Title a couple years ago. He asked that the fans remember him fondly as someone who gave his all every time he competed. After Daniels said his final goodbye, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

At that point, ROH COO Joe Koff came out. Koff said that he and Daniels have had a lot of differences over the past year, but Daniels did something at Final Battle that has made him rethink their situation. Koff said that when Daniels put his body on the line when Bully Ray tried to physically assault ROH ambassador Cary Silkin, he proved how much the company means to him. Koff said that because of that he was issuing Daniels a new contract for 2019. Daniels and Koff shook hands and embraced.

Suddenly, Shane Taylor attacked Daniels from behind and berated Koff, asking where his new contract was. Daniels fought back, but Taylor overpowered him. Taylor threw Daniels into the ring post and rammed him head-first into the barricade. Taylor then tossed Daniels in the ring and smashed his back with a chair before landing the 216 on the chair. Taylor ripped up the contract and stuffed it in Daniels’ mouth.

Four Corner Survival Match (Winner Faces Jay Lethal for ROH World Title at Honor Reigns Supreme): Flip Gordon vs. Chris Sabin vs. Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll

Gordon and Sabin worked together early in the match. Gordon hit a running Shooting Star Press on Castle and went for a cover, but Scurll made the save. Later, Sabin nailed Gordon with a kick to the face from the apron, and then did the same to Scurll. Castle charged at Sabin, but Sabin landed a shoulder to the midsection. Sabin went for a sunset flip, but Castle caught him and hit Bang-a-Rang for the win.

After the match, Lethal, who had been sitting in on commentary, entered the ring and shook Castle’s hand.


“There comes a time when the memory of a man is more important than the man himself. And so I ask you, I beg you, I want your memories of Christopher Daniels to be that of someone who gave every bit of his heart and soul, every fiber of his being to be the best professional wrestler that he could be every time that he stepped into a Ring of Honor ring.”
-- Christopher Daniels

“What kind of monster, maniac, would ruin this moment?!”
-- ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni after Shane Taylor attacked Christopher Daniels


-- ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky)

-- Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tracy Williams