ROH Recap: Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer Confront The Briscoes

ROH World Television Title Match: Kenny King (champion) vs. Caprice Coleman (w/Shane Taylor)

Coleman, looking to be in incredible shape, came out with Shane Taylor and handed the “gun for hire” an envelope. Taylor remained outside the ring.

Coleman was the aggressor early on against his former Rebellion teammate. King survived the onslaught and went on the offensive after Coleman missed a hurricanrana attempt off the top rope. King hit a T-bone suplex into a bridge for a near fall.

Coleman came back and hit Trinity for one near fall and Sky Splitta for another. King went for the Royal Flush, but Coleman slipped out of it and shoved King into Taylor, who had jumped up on the apron. King then took out Taylor with a corkscrew plancha and hit Royal Flush on Coleman to retain his title.

After the match, Punishment Martinez hit the ring and went after King. King thwarted Martinez at first, but then Taylor and Martinez double-teamed him. Silas Young, who had been sitting in on commentary, entered the ring and joined Martinez and Taylor in stomping the champion. (Martinez, Taylor and Young will challenge for King’s ROH World Television Title in a Four Corner Survival Match at Final Battle Dec. 15 on pay-per-view.) The three challengers then began fighting each other.

The Addiction Call For War Machine To Be Fired

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) interrupted the show. Daniels talked about Ray Rowe being suspended for 30 days because of the incident in which a fan was injured as a result of Rowe throwing Kazarian into the audience. Daniels demanded that ROH fire both members of War Machine, The Addiction’s opponents at Final Battle. Hanson came out and attacked Daniels and Kazarian.

As Hanson pounded away on Daniels, Kazarian grabbed a chair and nailed Hanson with it repeatedly. The Addiction got electrical tape and taped Hanson’s wrists onto the ring rope. Daniels then got a box cutter from under the ring and used it to cut off some of Hanson’s beard. Daniels actually threatened to cut off Hanson’s ear, but security hit the ring to stop him from making good on it. The Addiction beat up the security members, but Hanson got free and went after them. Daniels and Kazarian escaped.

The Briscoes Call Out Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer

Jay Briscoe said that Bully and Dreamer are cowards. He said he and Mark ruined Bully’s retirement speech, attacked Dreamer at one of his own shows, and trashed Bully’s training school, yet Bully and Dreamer still won’t answer their challenge.

Bully and Dreamer came down to ringside, but a sea of security prevented them from entering the ring. ROH COO Joe Koff tried to calm down Bully and Dreamer. Bully told Koff that he has to let this happen.

Jay Briscoe said, “Who would’ve ever thought we’d see the day Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer would take orders from a short, old man?”

An uncharacteristically fired-up Koff got in the ring and told the Briscoes that they don’t make matches, he does. He said the Briscoes should be careful what they wish for, because they will indeed get their match against Bully and Dreamer at Final Battle (it will be a New York Street Fight). Koff said the match “will be brutal, extreme and f’n hardcore!”

Bully and Dreamer hit the ring and charged the Briscoes. The two teams brawled briefly before security pulled them apart.

Matt Taven (w/Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan) vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal tried to adhere to the Code of Honor, but Taven disrespected him, and that infuriated Lethal. Lethal was all over Taven until Marseglia and O’Ryan distracted him, which allowed Taven to gain the upper hand. 

Lethal regained the advantage, however, and hit a flying elbow off the top rope for a near fall. Marty Scurll, who had been sitting in on commentary, went to ringside and slid his umbrella into the ring. He encouraged Lethal -- who will face Scurll at Final Battle -- to use it as a weapon. Lethal picked up the umbrella and appeared conflicted, but he ultimately tossed it at Scurll. As he did so, Taven snuck up behind Lethal and rolled him up for the victory.

Official Contract Signing for ROH World Title Match at Final Battle

ROH World Champion Cody, decked out in a fur coat and sunglasses, was accompanied by his wife, Brandi Rhodes. He also had two servants with him as well as champagne and a plate of meats and cheeses. Ian Riccaboni asked Cody if he had any words before signing the contract. Cody told Castle he really should try the meats and cheeses, but then he proceeded to remove all of them from the tray. Riccaboni told Cody that he doesn’t seem to be grasping the gravity of the situation. Cody’s response was to drink champagne with Brandi.

Castle wasn’t impressed with Cody’s antics and told the champion he’s going to break his heart at Final Battle. He said he was excited when he first heard Cody was coming to ROH and really wanted to like him. Castle said once Cody arrived, however, all he saw was “a boy who isn’t worthy of being ROH World Champion.” Castle said Cody is “overdressed, overpaid and overrated.”

That struck a nerve. Cody stood up and threw off his fur coat and sunglasses. Castle signed the contract, and then Cody did as well.

The signing ended with an intense staredown between the champion and challenger.