ROH Recap: Bizarre Danhausen Faces Shane Taylor For ROH World Television Titlehausen

Shane Taylor puts his ROH World TV Title on the line against bizarre independent star Danhausen. Also on this episode: ROH newcomer Bateman faces PJ Black; Mark Haskins calls out Bully Ray, and more!

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #429
Airdate: Weekend of Dec. 7, 2019

Final Battle video package: Matt Taven vs. Vincent

Final Battle video package: Mark Haskins vs. Bully Ray in a Street Fight

Mark Haskins calls out Bully Ray

Haskins had a table in the ring and demanded that Bully Ray come out and face him like a man. Haskins said he would make Bully pay for powerbombing him through a table in front of his wife. Bully came out to the stage and yelled at Haskins. Haskins said, “Stop being a little bitch and get in the ring.”

Bully walked down to the ring, grabbed a chair and stood on the apron, but he wouldn’t step into the ring. Suddenly, “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon, once a bitter enemy of Bully Ray, attacked Haskins from behind with a kendo stick. Bully handed Gordon a wad of cash and then powerbombed Haskins through the table.

Bully stood over the fallen Haskins and said, “Your wife is trash. Your children are the offspring of trash. You are trash. You want me? You got me at Final Battle.”

Backstage: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry form a supergroup

Bateman vs. PJ Black

Black hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Bateman answered with a twisting brainbuster for a near fall. Black regained the momentum, hitting a super hurricanrana and moonsault for another near fall. Bateman thwarted another springboard move by Black and followed with This is a Kill tombstone piledriver to score an impressive win over the veteran.

Backstage: Josh Woods has a list of demands for ROH COO Joe Koff

ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor (w/Soldiers of Savagery and Rev. Ron Hunt) vs. Danhausen

During the match, 2019 Top Prospect Tournament winner Dak Draper watched from the stage. By virtue of winning the tournament, Draper earned a future shot at the ROH World Television Title.

Taylor used his size and strength advantage to dominate Danhausen in the early going. When Taylor became momentarily distracted by looking at Draper, Danhausen took advantage and hit a tornado DDT for a two count. The enigmatic challenger then tried to pour his collection of human teeth into Taylor’s mouth.

Danhausen nailed Taylor with a basement dropkick to the face to score a near fall. Taylor eventually shut down Danhausen and hit a package piledriver. He followed with Welcome to the Land for the victory.

Shane Taylor post-match promo

Backstage, Taylor said he just made his 12th successful title defense, and No. 13 will take place at Final Battle (against Dragon Lee). He said he will hang onto the title by any means necessary.

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