ROH Recap: Australian Star Slex Makes ROH Debut Against Flip Gordon

Australian star Slex makes his ROH debut against “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon at Free Enterprise. Other matches from Free Enterprise shown in their entirety are Mark Haskins versus Alex Shelley in a technical wrestling classic and the team of Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry against Righteous (Vincent and Bateman).

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #440
Airdate: Weekend of Feb. 22, 2020

Cold Open: The video for Slex’s debut in ROH played.

Mark Haskins vs. Alex Shelley

A back-and-forth battle between master technicians ended with Haskins forcing Shelley to submit to the Sharpshooter. Haskins looks to be at the absolute top of his game heading into his Triple Threat Match for the ROH World Title against champion PCO and RUSH at Gateway To Honor on Feb. 29 in St. Louis.

Video package: Vincent delivers his message

Backstage interview with Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle

Hendry and Castle spoke with Quinn McKay prior to their tag match against The Righteous (Vincent and Bateman). Castle said he doesn’t find Vincent and Bateman scary. He said he has spooky powers. Hendry said he and Castle are dangerous because they’re unpredictable.

Backstage interview with Mark Haskins (w/Tracy Williams)

The Righteous (Vincent and Bateman w/Chuckles and Vita Von Starr) vs. Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

After Hendry hit the Codebreaker on Vincent, Castle set up for the Denouement, but Chuckles grabbed Castle’s legs and pulled him out of the ring. Vincent took advantage of Hendry being momentarily distracted and hit Sliced Bread on him for the win.

Backstage interview with Slex

Slex spoke with Quinn McKay prior to his match against Flip Gordon. Slex said Gordon and ROH will find out that business is booming.

Backstage interview with The Righteous

After Righteous (Vincent and Bateman) defeated Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry, ROH’s cameraman caught up with them in the hallway. Vincent said you’re only as sane as you want to be and madness has its own rewards. He said they create their own reality and it’s righteous.

Slex vs. Flip Gordon 

Slex looked good in his ROH debut, but Gordon prevailed in a match that could’ve gone either way. The fast-paced contest ended with Gordon hitting the Flip 5 followed by a curb stomp for the victory. 

After the match, Gordon raised Slex’s hand and the audience showed their appreciation for both competitors. After Gordon headed to the back, Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery hit the ring. Taylor attacked Slex and then announced that his contract demands have been met and he’s back in ROH.

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