ROH 500th Episode Recap: Mark Briscoe Beats Big Brother; Pure Champ Jonathan Gresham Thwarts Jay Lethal's Challenge

“Ring of Honor Wrestling” #500
Airdate: Weekend of April 17, 2021

Jay Lethal’s pre-match comments

Jonathan Gresham’s pre-match comments

ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay Lethal
(60-minute time limit)

Gresham and Lethal’s fellow Foundation members Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus came out with them and watched the match from outside the ring. Gresham targeted Lethal’s left arm to gain the early advantage. Lethal responded by focusing on Gresham’s left arm, hitting a hammerlock suplex for a near fall. Lethal hit a cutter and made a cover, but Gresham got his foot on the bottom rope, using the first of his three allotted rope breaks.

Lethal applied a Boston Crab, and Gresham used his second rope break. Lethal then locked on a crossface, forcing Gresham to use his final rope break. Lethal was clearly ahead on points, but the resilient champion used a headscissors pinning combination out of nowhere to escape with the win at the 16:38 mark.

Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe
(20-minute time limit)

After the action spilled to the outside, Mark hit a flying elbow off the apron and followed with a suplex on the floor. Jay connected on a running boot to the face that knocked Mark over the barricade, but Mark answered with a blockbuster off the apron. Mark set up a chair in the ring in an attempt to use it as a springboard to hit a dive on Jay, but Jay slid back into the ring, scooped up Mark and hit a Death Valley Driver on the chair. Jay then hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. 

Mark landed a Death Valley Driver of his own and hit Froggy Bow for a near fall. Jay hit the Jay Driller, but he was slow to make the cover, and Mark kicked out just in time. Jay hit a second Jay Driller, but Mark rolled out of the ring. Jay followed Mark to the floor and went to grab the ringside table, but that gave Mark time to recover. Mark nailed Jay with a series of forearms, chop to the chest and kick to the face. Mark placed Jay on the table and hit a flying elbow off the top rope, sending Jay through the table. With both men down, the referee began the count. Mark barely beat the 20 count, but Jay could not, which gave Mark the victory by countout.


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