ROH 5 Count: Vincent's Favorite Horror Movies

In the spirit of Halloween, we asked Vincent to rank his five favorite horror movies. Here’s what Ring of Honor’s “Horror King” came up with, written in his own words:

Jack Torrance is responsible for me strolling around with an axe at times. Unfortunately, Ring Of Honor had taken it away for safety reasons -- like that makes anyone’s well-being safer. [Jack] Nicholson’s performance is unreal and can’t be matched. I remember as a kid it’s one of the few movies that scared the [crap] out of me, but for some reason would keep watching it. I guess that’s what a psychopath does? Just kidding. I’m a great guy. That’s also where my dive of death “Redrum” obviously came about. 

John Carpenter’s greatest and one of my first horror films my mother introduced me to around 5-6 years old. Yeah, I know most kids were watching cartoons; I guess we’re a little different. The family trend continued -- other than [Hotel] Transylvania, this is my 5-year-old daughter’s favorite as well. You can’t go wrong throwing on this movie at anytime, especially October, man. It’s a tie with Trick 'r Treat.

This is such a great film. George Romero and Stephen King are legends, and let’s not forget the best horror special effects artist Tom Savini, who made a lot of this vision come to life. This is another film our daughter loves. At this point, she can name all the horror icons. Her dad is first, though. The crate being dumped in the river has been used by me numerous times.

Well if this isn’t the closest thing to my family, I don’t know what is. My family has a big love for the ’70s style in which this movie took place. Many have said I could pass for Otis Driftwood’s long-lost brother. This movie was different and right in so many ways and has a great soundtrack. By the end you find a soft spot in your heart for this psychopathic family, much like many have for me and my family. Double middle fingers if you’re not on board, man. 

I actually wasn’t huge into the vampire scene growing up. The first time tasting blood I couldn’t do it on a regular basis. But I found the badass soundtrack and just that ’80s vibe to the wardrobe, motorcycles, cast, and mullets to be something different than your typical vampire story. I really dig this movie, and I think the majority of real  horror fans would agree. It’s still a to-do to visit the boardwalk and raise some hell there.