ROH 5 Count: Potential Candidates To Be Villain Enterprises' Fourth Member

Villain Enterprises has made it known that they’re searching for a fourth member. Here are five potential candidates to join “The Villain” Marty Scurll, PCO and Brody King.


The 2017 Top Prospect Tournament winner has been impressive since returning to ROH in April after a five-month hiatus. Woods is always “DTF” (down to fight), and if he were to join Villain Enterprises, they would have three of the biggest badasses in the sport (PCO, King and Woods) in their camp. A former collegiate wrestling champion who possesses a background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Woods obviously has the goods to make a big impact, and his learning curve would be accelerated by associating with well-traveled stars such as Scurll, PCO and King.


How could a guy known as “The King of Sneaky Style” not be a perfect fit for Villain Enterprises? Scurll and King learned firsthand just how good Romero is when they faced him and Kazuchika Okada in a tag match in Japan last week. Romero’s resume certainly speaks for itself: He is one of only three competitors to have held championships in ROH, NJPW and CMLL. Romero is a member of CHAOS in NJPW, but there’s always a chance the opportunistic veteran would defect if he believed it would benefit him.


King has been fully embracing his inner villain for some time now; he even managed to out-villain “The Villain” in a match last year. That had to have impressed Scurll, who also probably has an appreciation for the “blind” ruse that King was able to pull off in order to attack Jay Lethal when Lethal’s guard was down. The one potential problem with King joining Villain Enterprises is that he and Scurll might have difficulty co-existing. They’ve been rivals in the past, and as the saying goes, there’s no honor among thieves.


RUSH is a founding member of Los Ingobernables in CMLL, but the Mexican superstar has no allies in ROH. That’s by his own choosing, but as dominant as “El Toro Blanco” has been in ROH (he has yet to be pinned or forced to submit), he would benefit from having the likes of Scurll, PCO and King watching his back. RUSH and Scurll could very well be kindred spirits, as they both are popular with fans despite unapologetically doing whatever it takes to win. On the other hand, one has to wonder if RUSH, an alpha male, could handle not being the leader of the group.


Villain Enterprises has a cunning technician in Scurll, a seemingly indestructible monster in PCO, and a cerebral brawler in King. What the group doesn’t have is a former Olympic athlete who just so happens to be undefeated in one-on-one matches since making his ROH debut nine months ago. At first glance, Cobb doesn’t appear to have a “villainous” mindset, but let’s not forget that he stormed into ROH by singlehandedly wrecking the 2018 Top Prospect Tournament. That certainly wasn’t very nice. With Cobb’s considerable skills and killer instinct, “The Hawaiian Juggernaut” would actually fit right in with Villain Enterprises.