ROH 5 Count: Most Heinous Attacks In ROH History

Where does Vincent’s recent attack on Matt Taven at The Experience rank among the most heinous acts in ROH history? Here are the five vilest attacks to take place in an ROH ring:


Bullet Club’s Adam Cole and The Young Bucks incapacitated Lethal with two triple superkicks. Then, with Lethal unable to defend himself, Cole proceeded to cut off Lethal’s dreadlocks and shave off the rest of his hair. It wasn’t the goriest of attacks, but by taking Lethal’s hair, Bullet Club attempted to strip one of ROH’s all-time greats of his dignity.


The night after Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated The Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) to win their 11th ROH World Tag Team Championship, G.O.D. attacked the Briscoes from behind immediately after their first successful title defense. G.O.D. busted open the Briscoes by nailing them with the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Title belts. G.O.D. then grabbed the ROH World Tag Team Title belts and disrespectfully tossed them around. Adding insult to injury, Tonga took out his cell phone and recorded himself taunting a bloody, defenseless Jay Briscoe.

3. ROH, CZW GO TO WAR (2006)

The feud between ROH and Combat Zone Wrestling had been raging for months, but it escalated at Arena Warfare, an ROH afternoon show at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. That evening, CZW would run a show at the same building. During Arena Warfare, a massive brawl broke out between ROH and CZW wrestlers that spilled out into the parking lot. Thanks to CZW owner John Zandig being armed with a barbed-wire baseball bat and CZW wrestler Wifebeater brandishing a weed whacker, CZW gained the upper hand. Vastly outnumbered, ROH’s BJ Whitmer was ganged up on by the CZW roster, and Zandig stapled ROH tickets to Whitmer’s back and forehead. ROH ultimately won the feud by defeating CZW in a Cage of Death Match.


What distinguishes this attack from the others is that it did not involve bitter enemies. Vincent and Taven were longtime friends, and Taven was even responsible for Vincent getting a job with ROH. After Taven found fellow Kingdom members Vincent and TK O’Ryan laid out backstage, he stormed to the ring and demanded the unknown assailants reveal themselves. Suddenly, Vincent appeared behind Taven and chop-blocked him. “The Horror King” proceeded to nail Taven in the side of the head with his axe before raking the bit end of the weapon across Taven’s forehead. In perhaps the twisted Vincent’s most disgusting display yet, he actually tasted his former friend’s blood and drew a “V” on his own forehead with the blood.


The Age of the Fall — a faction made up of Jimmy Jacobs, Necro Butcher and Tyler Black — made an unforgettable debut by perpetrating one of the most grisly attacks and controversial incidents in pro wrestling history. Moments after the Briscoes won a ladder war, Age of the Fall jumped them. Necro Butcher wrapped barbed wire around his first and used it to slice open Jay Briscoe’s forehead. The group then used the rigging above the ring that had held up the tag team belts to hang Briscoe upside down. As Jacobs delivered Age of the Fall’s mission statement while standing underneath Briscoe, Briscoe’s blood dripped all over Jacobs’ white jacket, and Jacobs even let some of the blood drip into his mouth.