PCO: "Matt Taven Is In Deep Trouble"

Three years ago, PCO returned to pro wrestling after nearly a six-year absence on the Canadian independent scene to little fanfare.

Now he might be on the verge of becoming ROH World Champion.

PCO will get his shot at winning the championship when he faces Matt Taven at the War of the Worlds event in Toronto on May 9. The show will stream live for HonorClub.

The fact that PCO, who made his in-ring debut more than 30 years ago, is even wrestling for a major promotion in 2019 is amazing, let alone competing for the world championship.

Pierre Carl Ouellet wrestled for the WWF and WCW for the majority of the 1990s and was a three-time WWF Tag Team Champion, but he was a mere mortal then. Since being resurrected by the mysterious D.Destro, PCO has become a seemingly indestructible monster.

“The French-Canadian Frankenstein” has yet to be pinned or forced to submit since signing with ROH five months ago and he has won more major championships during that span than many competitors will win in their entire careers. He is currently a co-holder of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles and NWA Tag Team Titles, and he’s a former ROH World Tag Team Champion.

Now PCO has his eye on the richest prize in the sport.

“It’s a long life goal that started before being resurrected by D.Destro when I was 14 years old. This dream never left my mind,” PCO told ROHWrestling.com “This will demonstrate that if you’re really willing to pay the price -- that was the deal when I crossed road with my creator D.Destro -- everything is possible. Believing in my creator and myself. Doing everything accordingly to my creator’s plan makes PCO the not human in a laser-focused mindset and it creates wonders.”

PCO earned the title shot by pinning Taven in a six-man tag match at Masters of the Craft in Columbus, Ohio, on April 14, eight days after Taven won the championship in a Triple Threat Ladder Match at G1 Supercard before a sellout crowd in Madison Square Garden.

Surprisingly, Taven doesn’t seem concerned about putting his title on the line against PCO, even going so far as to parody the extreme feats D.Destro has had PCO perform, but PCO believes Taven’s carefree attitude is a facade.









“I really think Matt Taven is very nervous and knows he is in deep trouble facing a monster that nothing can or will stop him,” PCO said. “He is trying to make sure I lose it and make mistakes. But this is not the case and I know and feel that he is very intimidated, but he is also someone smart and willing to do all sorts of things to retain his title. Unfortunately, it will not be enough.”

If Taven is indeed intimidated by PCO, it’s certainly understandable. PCO has shown no regard for his own body in his matches, and the pain D.Destro puts him through is cringeworthy, but -- according to PCO -- necessary.

“D.Destro is my creator, my coach, my mentor,” PCO said. “As he is my creator and brought me back to life with electricity, I owe him everything. I will always accept everything he asks me to do because I totally trust him and know that even though his methods looks unorthodox, I have to accept them like a gift of life, because even if the fans cannot see the big picture, it’s always for my own good. And I am very grateful to my creator for everything I’ve got in my life and especially my wrestling career.”

In other words, PCO has totally bought into the philosophy of no pain, no gain. And it could very well pay off with him gaining the ROH World Championship in Toronto.

PCO said he not only wants to win the title for himself, but also the multitude of ROH fans who have taken to him since his first appearance in December, when he and Brody King were introduced by Marty Scurll as members of Villain Enterprises.

“The ROH fans are incredible,” he said. “They get behind the PCO story, the determination, the sacrifices, the setbacks and the resilience. They are part of this unbelievable journey, and I want to give them everything I’ve got each and every time I step into the action.”