'The Pain Train' Preston Quinn is on a collision course with the ROH Top Prospect Tournament

Standing 6’2”, weighing at 274 lbs, “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn is a menacing, determined individual.  A lifelong athlete that excelled at every major sport, from linebacker in football and center in basketball to pitcher in baseball, “PQ” always had a competitive fire burning bright inside him. That fire burned hottest and brightest when he watched Professional Wrestling on Saturdays. At age of 4, he ran into his parents living room and jumped over the arm of the couch with an elbow drop on a pillow and uttered the words, "Mom, I’m going to be a pro wrestler!" Despite resistance from his family, "PQ" knew his road and what it would take.

At 18 years old, Quinn began training under Pat Anderson of the Ivan Koloff training family tree. PQ became a true student of the game, studying the old school style of competitors such as Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and The Masked Superstar. Quinn has molded himself into a throwback not often seen these days. “The Pain Train” attacks a body part relentlessly until either forcing a limp opponent into his Spinebuster, shattering their chest with his spinning lariat known as the "Derailer" or torturing them into a submission victory. 

At age 24, Quinn had his first of two daughters and decided to pull back on his national wrestling aspirations to be there to raise his children. Now, at age 40, seasoned and still in his wrestling prime as a veteran, "The Pain Train" is on a collision course with the entire roster at Ring of Honor. 

The Gloucester, VA native has been on an absolute tear through the Mid-Atlantic Region since refocusing a few years ago. For the first time in his career, the 40-year-old Quinn has an opportunity to display his talents in front of an international audience. Will Quinn, the most experienced competitor in the tournament, channel his experience to achieve his dream 22 years into his career? 

The tournament will begin at our international television taping, Steel City Excellence! A grizzled man tailor made for the Rust Belt, Quinn has the size, strength, experience, and explosiveness to win the TPT and earn a ROH contract. At 40, PQ would be the oldest TPT winner in tournament history. Can he do it? Click HERE to purchase your tickets now to find out!