The Other Side: Lies

By Kellyanne


I don’t know why, but doesn’t “Hello” seem passive-aggressive now? You see “Hello” in an email or a text from a friend and you know it’s not going to be good. You know there’s not a hilarious animated GIF from “The Office” inside anything that begins with “Hello.”


There was a microphone in my hand last weekend. On that microphone, I got to voice the frustration that has been brewing inside me for the past few years.



It felt good to reverse the constant criticism, character defamation and such that is constantly flung at the wrestler. I had the microphone and it was time to state a few facts. It was time to turn the mirror around to the locker room, fans, and management alike. 

What I said upset people. The kind of upset that is caused when someone has been outed for lying. 

They were all liars. They lied to themselves about everything. I told them they lied, laid down the facts, and now I’m the bad guy. 

Now, truth be told, it’s all a matter of perception, isn’t it? 

What I think is profound and well-thought-out could just be Kellyanne rambling on about being better than everyone to someone else. Have you ever done that? Used some personal issue to bolster your narcissistic desires? Maybe I did that?

What can I do? I’m just a girl who’s frustrated.

Frustrations. I know you are frustrated too. What would you do? Shut up and take it? Just how much could you take? You can take a lot of crap at your 9 to 5, but this is wrestling! This is your dream. How much of that dream would you be willing to sacrifice in order to say you were able to achieve it? 

I know you feel me. Being lied to is a constant in this world. 

Kellyanne is a pro wrestler from Australia under contract with Ring of Honor. The Other Side w/Kellyanne appears every other Wednesday.