The Other Side: If You Are Looking For Something, This Is Not It

By Kellyanne

Wake up. 

Two slices of toast.

Black coffee.


Here I am reading emails. This world is contagious – I am reading every single email as if there’s an underlying insult directed towards me.

Do you do that? Do you see the hidden tone when you’re reading messages/emails? What do they mean? What are they trying to say? I don’t like the tone of the things I read. That’s funny. Everyone is out to get you. Ulterior motive is always, “You out, me in. I want your stuff.”

What are we even doing? Who can you trust?

People get fired through email. Our career over in a push and a click; we don’t even get to look them in the eye. Cold pixels staring through the screen and you don’t feel anything except that same generic anger that is with you all the time.

It’s not about the job. There is no flavour. People are trying to put a flavour to their anger. Not me, no sir. Just plain old generic anger right here. What’s the point of trying to pick a place to direct it at? What’s the point of trying to locate the source?

Sauce. Barbeque sauce. 

We got so bored down here we’ve started wrestling each other at a factory with a ring in it, really going at each other. It’s not pretty, but it’s honest. When you take away the lights, cameras, fans, atmosphere, and it’s just you and them in the ring with the intent to fight, there is no bigger rush.


The escapism. You need to try it. There’s no smiling. Those porcelains will serve you no advantage in this place. There are no photographers, so you best forget your rehearsed pose while you’re at it. 

Sit there quietly and play on your phone. 

A lot of us are quite happy to sit down quietly and play on our phones. You may even be reading this quietly on your phone. Good for you, I say. Good for you, sitting there, reading quietly on your phone.

Guilty pleasure: I enjoy the “watching people die inside” compilations. What’s something funny you enjoy on YouTube?

True story.


Kellyanne is a pro wrestler from Australia under contract with Ring of Honor. The Other Side w/Kellyanne appears every other Wednesday.