The Other Side: A Dumb Person’s Take On Nihilism

By Kellyanne

By all means, I’m not a smart person. 

Most of the day I am trying to escape reality. Whether it be through some work, a computer game, something … anything.

Reality is a bad play. Work is reality? Work is not reality. I don’t do anything. A carpenter does something – I don’t. Forwarding an email, entering data into a cell with a macro already coded for you is not reality. Telling someone to tell someone else to do something is not reality. 

It’s wasting time. 

My life is a macro.

When I was born, someone hit enter, and now I’m halfway through the equation. 

I don’t have that richness of life experience where I can quietly sit in my cell and be content. It is not that I haven’t done things; they’ve all just been kind of hollow. Taking a photo of it proves I was there in a physical sense; in a spiritual sense, it’s another story. 

Where’s the soul gone?

You can’t put it under a microscope, it doesn’t exist. 

Then why is there such a crisis across humanity? 

What gives someone the motivation to wake up one day and say, “This is not right.” Their misfortune? Or is it intuitive? Is it part of a collective uneasiness that seems to be growing every day? 

Wrestling is not the escape from reality.

Nothing is more reality-based than professional wrestling. I repeat: nothing is more real than professional wrestling. 

If life is going terribly, you can bet professional wrestling is mirroring that. 

Nothing is more confronting with this hard-hitting nihilism around us than the professional wrestling ring. First, you can watch a show that feels like an eternity. Then, you can ask why they are cheering? Because they’re supposed to? 

All the trimmings and propaganda surrounding one federation or the other are just masking the nihilism in the ring. 

“Look how human we all are!”

*Music hits*

*25 minutes later*

*Music hits*

Repeat six times with a break for a hot dog in between and four hours later, you’re another step closer to the end of it all.

Never have I felt like I do today where I see people attending a show out of hatred for another. It’s short-lived fanaticism that isn’t sustainable until you put the pillars in place. The pillars are made out of the stuff wrestlers and fans alike make fun of in their Twitter posts. If you’re not willing to accept criticism from the very people that paved the way before you, then the future is looking bleak. 

I raise my glass to you

as you “CHANGE THE GAME.” 

In bleakness. 



Kellyanne is a pro wrestler from Australia under contract with Ring of Honor. The Other Side w/Kellyanne appears every other Wednesday.