Matt Taven Unleashes Violence On Vincent In Surprise Return!

In between Pure Title tournament matches on the latest episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling,” Vincent entered the ring with microphone in hand to deliver his twisted message.

Before The Righteous leader could finish speaking, however, Matt Taven appeared out of nowhere and delivered a message of his own to his former friend turned bitter enemy.

Taven, revealed as the man behind the #FollowThe Trend videos that have been airing on ROH TV and social media, hit the ring and attacked Vincent with a vengeance.

The former ROH World Champion went after Vincent’s eye, and then ripped off the canvas to expose the wood underneath. Taven hit Climax on Vincent on the wood. He proceeded to put Vincent on a table outside the ring and hit a frog splash that sent Vincent through the table. 

Taven told Vincent this is just the beginning.

There’s been no word on Vincent’s condition since the beatdown. 

Taven had not been seen or heard from since Vincent attacked him in his own home in June while he was recovering from ankle surgery.

It was fitting that Taven’s assault on Vincent took place in the very same arena in Baltimore where the two former Kingdom members were last in the ring together. At Final Battle in December, Vincent defeated Taven, and then he and Righteous member Bateman continued to assault Taven and destroy his ankle.

Taven has now gotten a measure of revenge, but as he indicated, his war with Vincent is far from over.