Matt Taven Realizes Goal Of Main Eventing CMLL Anniversary Show

Matt Taven made his CMLL debut two years ago in a quest to expand his Kingdom to Mexico. Now the Ring of Honor star is in the main event of the storied pro wrestling company’s biggest annual show of the year.

Taven will team with Volador Jr. against Rush and Cavernario in a Hair vs. Hair Match at CMLL’s 85th Anniversary show on Friday, Sept. 14 at historic Arena Mexico in Mexico City. The show will stream live and on-demand for All HonorClub members.

“The very first time I came [to CMLL], my goal was to wrestle in the main event of the anniversary show where everyone’s watching, the biggest show here in CMLL, that’s where I wanted to be,” Taven said.

Since he began traveling periodically to CMLL in 2016, Taven has compiled one of the best records among foreign competitors there. He also developed a fierce rivalry with the legendary Ultimo Guerrero that has been waged in ROH as well as CMLL.

It seemed just a matter of time before Taven -- a former ROH World Television, World Tag Team and World Six-Man Tag Team champion -- won gold in Mexico, and he did so by defeating Volador Jr. for the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship this past March. He held the title for 126 days before losing it back to Volador Jr. last month.

Interestingly, unlike the majority of fans in ROH, the fans in CMLL cheer Taven during his matches. Perhaps one of the reasons for that is because Taven doesn’t constantly complain about being the victim of a conspiracy theory in CMLL.

“While wrestling in the historic Arena Mexico should be a goal for any wrestler, Matt Taven loves coming here because The Kingdom Conspiracy seems to end at the border,” Taven said. “The Mexican fans and the CMLL office show ‘The King’ Matt Taven the proper respect deserved by such royalty.”

While Taven is thrilled to be competing in the main event of the anniversary show, he realizes there is a very real chance that he will return to ROH sans his curly locks. The men he and Volador Jr. are facing -- Rush and Cavernario -- are two of the toughest and most hated competitors in CMLL.

Rush, in particular, is one of the most decorated stars in the company. He also is the founder of the Los Ingobernables stable, which later expanded into New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where Los Ingobernables de Japon has become one of the top factions in the sport. Both Rush and Cavernario have had success in NJPW as well.

Still, Taven is confident that he and Volador Jr. will not be the ones who end up being shaved bald at the anniversary show.

“It’s nerve-racking because I’m so beautiful,” Taven said as he smirked at Rush and Cavernario during a recent press conference. “But I look over here and I see these two greasy mops and there’s nothing that I’d want more than to have all the confetti falling down on me at the end of the anniversary show and holding your hair up in the air -- I’d probably have to wipe my hands off a little bit -- and bring it back to Ring of Honor with me as a little trophy, a little trinket, of my time here in Mexico.”