Matt Taven: Kingdom Conspiracy 'Comes all the way from the top'

One cannot talk about The Kingdom these days without the c-word coming up.

For months now, The Kingdom -- Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan -- have been insisting to anyone who will listen that they are the victims of a conspiracy in Ring Of Honor. caught up with Taven recently to discuss the alleged conspiracy and his upcoming match at Final Battle.

ROH: You’ve made some bold claims about there being a conspiracy against The Kingdom in ROH. What evidence do you have to back that up?

MT: There's a time-honored tradition in wrestling that when a champion loses his/her/their title(s), they are automatically entitled to a championship rematch. We have NEVER had our six-man championship rematch. On top of that, we were forced to defend our titles with Silas Young replacing an injured TK O'Ryan, who broke his leg on a guardrail that was too close to the ring! Who put that guardrail there? ROH. We didn't want to defend our titles, and especially not with Silas Young, but who forced us to? ROH.

Not to mention Frankie Kazarian interfered in my world title match [against then-champion Christopher Daniels] and ROH did nothing about it!

We also deserve a tag title match after pinning [co-holder of the ROH World Tag Team Titles] Chris Sabin in a six-man tag match, but ROH changed it to a three-team tag match where we didn't get pinned in the decision. You would think ROH would give us a fair shot,but no! Still hasn't happened.

With Final Battle coming up, the conspiracy is more apparent than ever. Why aren’t we getting our six-man title shot at the show? Why aren’t TK and Vinny getting tag title shots? And why isn't Matt Taven fighting for the Ring of Honor world title? These are all things we rightfully deserve and earned! The only plausible explanation is that there's a Kingdom Conspiracy at hand!

ROH: What would be the motive for a conspiracy against The Kingdom?

MT: Just like in society, the people in power and that are on top do everything that they can to make sure that their positions on the food chain don't change. When they see people that threaten their spots or positioning, they do whatever they can to hold them down. This is a classic case of the “one percent” trying to keep the worker bees from taking a piece of their pie.

ROH: Do you have any theories as to who specifically may be behind the alleged plot against you?

MT: That's still under investigation, but the deeper we dig, the scarier it gets because it looks like it comes all the way from the top.

ROH: You said it’s unfair that The Kingdom never received a rematch for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles that you lost while TK was out with an injury, but The Kingdom did compete in a No. 1 contender’s match at Death Before Dishonor and you lost. To play devil’s advocate, why is it unfair that you should have to work your way back into contention?

MT: It sounds like you are part of the conspiracy. Look at that question alone -- No. 1 contenders match?  Is that a championship rematch which we were entitled to? We should've never been in that match in the first place; we should’ve had a shot at our titles. Get your head out of the sand.

ROH: So if there truly is a conspiracy, what can you do to overcome it?

MT: First off, there is a conspiracy. Our first step is to spread the word, let people know what's truly going on. Once we expose the conspiracy for what it truly is, maybe the powers that be will have no choice but to give us what we rightfully deserve.

ROH: Off topic a bit, The Kingdom has been taking over intermissions at ROH live events. What’s that all about?

MT: Well despite what Kingdom fans have been begging Ring of Honor for, ROH has refused to put us on the meet and greets and autograph signings. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. We go out at intermission, take over the merchandise stand and preach the truth to the people. We are on a grassroots campaign to expose this conspiracy. Ring of Honor doesn't have the guts to stop us because they know that if they do, the people will see there truly is a conspiracy against us.

ROH: With Final Battle a week away, you’ve earned a big opportunity to compete against a very accomplished and dangerous Will Ospreay in what’s being billed as a “special attraction” match. What are your thoughts as you prepare for what could be a career-defining match for you?

Defining moment? You must be new! I’ve been TV champ defeating Adam Cole, Tag Team Champion beating the Young Bucks and The Addiction, IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team champ and Six-Man champ beating Bullet Club.

Who’s Will Ospreay to me ... just some Jr. Heavyweight that Melvins love? And dangerous? The guy dresses like a cat…ooooh, how dangerous!

The real story here is the Kingdom Conspiracy going on in ROH. This will be the first time I’m wrestling at Final Battle and a title isn’t on the line... why? It’s obvious THERE’S A KINGDOM CONSPIRACY!