Matt Taven Gets Clipped At CMLL 85th Anniversary Show

Matt Taven lost more than a match at the CMLL 85th Anniversary Show Friday night at Arena Mexico in Mexico City. The Kingdom leader also lost his curly locks.

Taven and Volador Jr. were defeated by Rush and Cavernario in a Hair vs. Hair Match that main-evented the annual extravaganza, which was streamed live for HonorClub. Per the stipulation, Taven and Volador Jr. both had their hair cut in the ring.

Controversy has surrounded Taven throughout his career, and this match was no different. After Taven inadvertently hit Volador Jr. with a Disaster Kick, Rush scooped up Volador Jr. and hit a Rush Driver (aka Jay Driller) to win the deciding fall and the match.

As soon as the match was over, an incensed Taven nailed Volador Jr. with a knee to the face and then proceeded to taunt him.

After Taven raised the hands of Rush and Cavernario, he made a hasty retreat from the ring in an attempt to avoid having his hair cut. However, Volador Jr. recovered and took off after him. Volador Jr. caught Taven on the stage and dragged him back to the ring.

As Volador Jr. held Taven down, the CMLL barber cut off Taven’s long locks. After Taven scampered away, Volador Jr. honored the stipulation by allowing his long hair to be cut and then shaved off.

It’s unclear at this time whether the rest of Taven’s hair was shaved off backstage or if he was able to escape the arena before the job was finished.

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Photo provided by / Alexis Salazar