Match of the Year: Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll Ladder Match At G1 Supercard

Twenty-five years after a historic ladder match took place at Madison Square Garden, three competitors all at the top of the game looked to ascend to even greater heights by leaving “The World’s Most Famous Arena” as the ROH World Champion.

Taven, Scurll and defending champion Lethal left it all in the ring as they put their bodies on the line throughout the brutal contest that took place on April 6 before a sold-out crowd.

It came down to Taven and Lethal slugging it out on top of a super-sized, purple ladder that Taven had brought into the ring. Taven slammed the championship belt onto Lethal’s head, knocking Lethal off the ladder back-first onto another ladder. Taven pulled down the belt to become the new ROH World Champion at just under the 30-minute mark.