The Kingdom Regains The ROH World Six-Man Tag Titles

The Kingdom went into their title match against ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Cody and The Young Bucks last night at Survival of the Fittest in Columbus, Ohio as the only team to have won the titles twice.

Now, Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan are the only three-time ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, as The Kingdom avenged their title loss to Cody and the Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) in July by scoring a controversial victory. (HonorClub members can watch the replay here.)

In the match in which The Kingdom lost the titles, the legal man wasn’t the one who was pinned, so the challengers insisted there be two referees for the rematch. ROH officials granted the request, as Paul Turner was assigned to be the referee inside the ring, while senior official Todd Sinclair was stationed on the floor.

As it turned out, both referees were inadvertently knocked out, so there was no one to make the count after Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Taven. O’Ryan entered the ring with his baseball bat and whacked Cody and the Bucks with it. Moments later, The Kingdom hit Rock Star Supernova on Cody, and Taven (with an assist from O’Ryan) made the cover.

A female referee wearing a baseball cap to conceal her identity hit the ring. She counted to two before taking off the cap and revealing herself as Cody’s wife, Brandi Rhodes, and then she raised two middle fingers to Taven and O’Ryan.

Cody went on to connect with Cross Rhodes on O’Ryan. Brandi made the three count and awarded the match to her husband and the Bucks.

An irate Taven shoved Cody, who went barreling into Brandi. By this time, Turner and Sinclair had recovered, and they ruled that the pinfall was invalid because Brandi is not a licensed referee. They ordered the match be restarted.

As Cody helped his fallen wife out of the ring, Taven hit Climax on him out of nowhere. Marseglia and O’Ryan followed with House of 1,000 Horses on Matt Jackson for the victory.

Taven, who always seems to have gold around his waist, is once again officially a champion in ROH in addition to being the self-proclaimed “real world champion.”