Jericho Defeats Ishii To Retain The ROH World Championship

Jericho Defeats Ishii

ROH World Championship Match!

“The Ocho” Chris Jericho (c.) vs. “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii!

ROH’s Ian Riccaboni joined the commentary team for this match.

Jericho flipped off Ishii at the start of the match. Jericho yelled at Ishii in Japanese and Ishii slapped Jericho. They traded open palm strikes. Ishii rocked Jericho with a kick to the lower back. Jericho retreated to the outside to gather himself.

Jericho blasted Ishii with forearms. Ishii returned them and then they both began to batter one another. Ishii tried for the sliding lariat but Jericho dodged it. Jericho attempted the Code Breaker but Ishii had it scouted and avoided it.

They traded chops in the center of the ring. Jericho’s chest was split open! Ishii shoulder tackled Jericho. Jericho fired back with a running lariat.

“Jericho has turned things around in the corner,” said Excalibur.

Ishii powerbombed Jericho from out of the corner for a near fall. Jericho cross-chopped Ishii in the wind pipe. Ishii landed an elbow strike on Jericho and Jericho dropped to the mat. Jericho spiked Ishii with a DDT on the apron!

Ishii suplexed Jericho and Jericho hit two suplexes of his own! Jericho nailed the lionsault! Jericho cracked Ishii with the Code Breaker for a two-count.

“This Ishii is tough,” said Taz.

Ishii blocked the Judas Effect and then headbutted Jericho. Ishii connected with the sliding lariat on Jericho for a near fall. Ishii caught Jericho with a Code Breaker of his own! Ishii swung for the fences with a lariat on Jericho and got a (very) near fall on Jericho. Jericho blocked a kick from Ishii and applied the Lion Tamer, forcing Ishii to tap!

“The legend of Chris Jericho grows,” said Tony Schiavone.

After the match, Jericho approached Ian Riccaboni at the broadcast booth. Claudio Castagnoli came out and clocked the champ, knocking Jericho to the ground!