Holy S*** Moment: Destro shocks PCO with car battery, PCO wins ROH World Title

It looked like the monster had been destroyed. During PCO’s ROH World Title Match against then-champion RUSH at Final Battle on Dec. 13, RUSH had just thrown the challenger off the stage onto some guardrails on the floor. PCO appeared lifeless.

That occurred after PCO had already absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment during the bout, which was billed as a Friday The 13th Massacre Match. The vicious RUSH used everything at his disposal to beat down PCO, including a chair, ladder, table, door and camera chord.

Just as it seemed all hope was lost for PCO, there was a “shocking” turn of events.

PCO’s creator, Destro, retrieved jumper cables from his hearse, which was parked near the stage, to revive his monster. The recharged PCO went on to defeat RUSH after putting him through a table with a moonsault. It was RUSH’s first loss by pinfall or submission in ROH.

Thirty-two years after making his in-ring debut, PCO -- who turned 52 on Dec. 30 -- had won his first world championship, becoming the oldest ROH World Champion in history.