Glory By Honor Night 1 Recap: ROH World Champ Bandido Beats Flip Gordon In First Title Defense; New Challengers Emerge

PHILADELPHIA -- Bandido is quickly finding out that he truly is the “Most Wanted” champion.

On Friday night at Glory By Honor Night 1 in the historic 2300 Arena, ROH World Champion Bandido scored a hard-fought victory over Flip Gordon in his first title defense. 

Gordon, who was 2-0 against Bandido coming into the match, came within an eyelash of winning the match on multiple occasions, but the resilient champion ultimately prevailed.

Bandido had no time to savor his victory, however. First, EC3 entered the ring to challenge him. Then Brody King came out and said the line forms behind him.

As EC3 and King brawled, Demonic Flamita -- Bandido’s former friend and now bitter enemy -- hit the ring and attacked him.

Earlier in the night, Demonic Flamita won the Six-Way Mayhem Match to earn a spot in the ROH World Title rankings.

In the other title match on the card, ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated fellow Foundation member Rhett Titus.

Here are the complete results from the show:

Silas Young defeated Rey Horus

It was back-and-forth all the way in this first-time matchup. After Horus hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall, Young raked Horus’ eyes and then hit Misery to pick up the victory in less-than-honorable fashion.

Six-WayMayhem Match (winner earns a spot in ROH World Title rankings): Demonic Flamita defeated Danhausen, PJ Black, Mike Bennett, Dak Draper and Eli Isom

Before the match began, Dalton Castle and his entourage of boys came through the crowd and entered the ring to offer encouragement to Draper. Castle then sat in on commentary.

Danhausen, who was the crowd favorite, appeared to be on the verge of winning after he hit Goodnighthausen on Bennett. However, Castle came down to ringside to distract him. Demonic Flamita took advantage, hitting a Muscle Buster/Codebreaker combination on Danhausen for the win.

Danhausen will have an opportunity for revenge when he faces Castle tonight at Glory By Honor Night 2 in the same building.

Vita VonStarr and Max The Impaler (w/Amy Rose) defeated The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon)

Max was revealed as VonStarr’s mystery partner. The odd couple actually worked well as a team even though they were randomly put together for this one match.

The Allure took control early by isolating VonStarr. VonStarr eventually tagged in Max, who steamrolled Leon. After Love ran away from Max and headed to the back, VonStarr rolled up Leon for the win.

After the match, VonStarr choked Leon with a chain. Max then chokeslammed Leon through a table. Love came back down to ringside, but it was too little, too late to save Leon.

EC3 defeated Brian Johnson

Although Johnson is hated everywhere else, “The Mecca” is beloved in his hometown. With the raucous crowd cheering him on, Johnson nearly pulled off the upset after hitting a low blow and rolling up EC3. EC3 answered with a double underhook facebuster. Then he locked on The Purpose, and Johnson tapped out.

Mark Briscoe defeated Bateman (w/Dutch)

This was originally scheduled to be a tag team match, but it was changed to a singles bout due to COVID-19 protocols.

It looked bad for Briscoe after Dutch caught him on a dive over the top rope and slammed him hard into the barricade. Briscoe rallied, however, and hit Froggy Bow for the victory.

After the match, Dutch attacked Briscoe and laid him out. Mike Bennett hit the ring carrying a chair to prevent Dutch and Bateman from doing further damage.

ROH Pure Title Match: Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Rhett Titus

Gresham and Titus’ fellow Foundation members, Jay Lethal and Tracy Williams, accompanied both men to the ring and remained outside the ring during the match.

Tempers flared between Gresham and Titus at one point, but things didn’t get out of hand. Titus lifted up Gresham in an attempt for a suplex, but Gresham shifted his weight and both of them tumbled over the top rope to the floor. Back inside the ring, they exchanged rolling pinfall attempts, with Gresham ultimately holding down Titus for the three count.

Philly Street Fight: Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson and Homicide) defeated La Faccion Ingobernable (RUSH, Dragon Lee, Kenny King and Bestia del Ring)

This began as a traditional match, but all eight competitors started brawling a couple minutes in and the referee called for a double disqualification. Brody said nobody came to see a two-minute match, and since this is the ECW arena, he demanded it be restarted as a Philly Street Fight.

As expected, this was violent and chaotic. Chairs, ladder, trash cans and tables were all used as weapons. In the end, Brody powerbombed Bestia through a table, backdropped Lee over the top rope, and then clotheslined Bestia for the victory.

After the match, Shane Taylor, who had been sitting in on commentary, attacked Kenny King in the aisle. Back in March, Kenny’s interference caused Taylor to lose to then-ROH World Champion RUSH in a title match.

The other LFI members jumped on Taylor, and that brought out the rest of Shane Taylor Promotions: Moses, Kaun and O’Shay Edwards. Security eventually separated STP and LFI.

If STP successfully defends the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title against Incoherence (Delirious, Hallowicked and Frightmare) tonight at Glory By Honor Night 2, they will face LFI with the belts on the line at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on Sept. 12 in Philadelphia.

ROH World Title Match: Champion Bandido defeated Flip Gordon

After several minutes of fast-paced, back-and-forth action, Gordon hit a springboard twisting tornado DDT for an extremely close near fall. Gordon applied Submit to Flip, but Bandido made it to the ropes. Gordon landed Flip-5, but Bandido barely kicked out again. 

Bandido hit a moonsault slam, but he wasn’t able to immediately make the cover, and when he did, Gordon kicked out just in time. Bandido hit a modified Destroyer and followed with 21 Plex for the win.

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