Four Wrestling Veterans Make Their ROH In-Ring Debuts At Unauthorized

By Kevin Eck

ROH promoted that anything can happen at Unauthorized, and that certainly was the case at this year’s edition of the show Sunday night in Columbus, Ohio.

Four veterans of the pro wrestling industry competed for the first time in an ROH ring, as ROH senior announcer Ian Riccaboni, ROH senior referee Todd Sinclair, ROH senior cameraman Gator and ROH “senior” Gary Juster teamed with Colt Cabana to win a 10-man tag match over Shane Taylor, Soldiers of Savagery, Ron Hunt (Shane Taylor Promotions’ hype man) and Brian Johnson.

Never mind that Taylor and his crew abandoned Johnson, leaving him to fend for himself in a five-on-one situation. That doesn’t take away from the incredible displays of athleticism by Cabana’s band of ringers.

Especially impressive was the babyface fire and intensity of Juster, whose chop to Johnson’s chest was sure to leave a mark (on Juster’s hand). Then there was the flying elbow off the top rope from Riccaboni that would’ve made Savage proud (Fred Savage, that is).


Not to be outdone was Sinclair, whose stunning leapfrog-and-chop sequence popped the crowd. If fans hadn’t known better, they would’ve thought Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat had come out of retirement, donned a referee shirt and put on a few pounds.

As for Gator, he was the Velvet Sky of the group (eye candy who doesn’t actually wrestle). He did do an excellent job of documenting the historic bout with his unmatched camera skills.


Rumor has it that Cabana’s four cohorts have retired from in-ring competition with their unblemished records intact. So the next time you see the undefeated RUSH in the ring, just remember that the ROH World Champion is attempting to put his name in the record book alongside the immortal Riccaboni, Sinclair, Juster and Gator.