Flip Gordon Reveals Why He Became 'The Mercenary'

By Kevin Eck

It’s been more than five months since Flip Gordon shocked the wrestling world by double-crossing LifeBlood and joining Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprises. 

In an instant, the affable Gordon transformed into the ruthless “Mercenary.” He went from exemplifying the Code of Honor to making a mockery of it, and he never offered any explanation for his actions.

After months of trying, I finally got Gordon to agree to a brief interview to discuss his change in attitude.

You’ve turned down repeated requests for an interview since you joined Villain Enterprises back in June. Why break your silence now? 

So you guys will finally leave me alone. I don’t get paid for interviews. 

You had an offer to join LifeBlood. Why did you doublecross them and join Villain Enterprises? Why not just tell LifeBlood you weren’t interested instead of stabbing them in the back? 

It simply came down to Villain Enterprises having the better offer, and Marty knew I had multiple offers on the table. However, I had to prove myself to Marty that I could be a villain, and what better way than by putting Lifeblood on life support? 

What did Marty say to you to convince you to join him? 

He showed me a merch check from Pro Wrestling Tees and said this could be you. He’s a very smart businessman and one of the best wrestlers in the world. So he offered me a position as his understudy. 

You had always been a man of integrity. What happened to you that made you become “The Mercenary?”

The Army made me who I am today. Half of these guys couldn’t make it through an Army basic training if their life depended on it, and it’s time to separate the strong from the weak!

There was a moment in the ring recently where you and Bully Ray seemed to be fighting on the same side. Bully is one of the most despicable individuals ever in ROH and someone who was once a bitter enemy of yours. Has your opinion of him changed?

He’s a piece of sh*t. But he’s rich and I’ll gladly take his money. 

Villain Enterprises has a lot of fans. But there are some Flip Gordon fans who are disappointed in your new attitude. What do you say to them?

Name one. My merch money has tripled, so I know that’s a lie. 

What does the future hold for “The Mercenary?”

ROH gold would give me a lot of leverage come contact season, and I’m fit for a World Championship run.