Feud Of The Year: Cody vs Kenny Omega

“Bullet Club is fine” was a phrase Cody repeated time and again in an attempt to quell talk that trouble was brewing between him and Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega. However, to paraphrase a line from “Pulp Fiction,” it was evident that things were pretty far from fine.

Cody obviously wanted to supplant Omega as the leader of the faction, and it forced their fellow Bullet Club members to choose sides in a civil war that played out in both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. A match between the two alpha males was inevitable, and it took place at Supercard of Honor in April. Cody scored a tainted victory by pinning Omega after The Young Bucks attempted to superkick Cody but inadvertently nailed Omega instead.

Nothing was truly settled, and a rematch was booked for NJPW’s G1 Special -- and this time the stakes were even higher because Omega’s IWGP Heavyweight Title was on the line. In a wild and intense match that featured the use of tables and ladders as weapons, Omega emerged as the victor of the match and the feud.

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