Feud Between Kenny King And Silas Young Is Far From Over

Kenny King gained considerable notoriety outside of the world of wrestling when he became an international sensation through his participation on The Bachelorette. King juggled his Ring of Honor schedule and family life to participate in the reality dating show and it was his family life that helped him gain perspective. That perspective helped him accelerate an already-successful career into superstardom but also made King a target.

But as expectations and pressure grew, so did King’s success. King captured the Ring of Honor World Television Championship from KUSHIDA at Death Before Dishonor in his hometown of Las Vegas. From there, King began dominating challengers, picking up wins against Josh Woods, Mark Briscoe, Caprice Coleman, Joey Ryan, and Scorpio Sky. King was undefeated in singles competition as ROH World Television Champion and looked to be on his way to starting the new year as ROH World TV Champ before a beer bottle in New York City changed all of that.

Silas Young, accompanied by Beer City Bruiser, came into Final Battle looking to make a splash. The man later christened by Colt Cabana as “Mr. Final Battle” earned a spot in a four-way elimination match for the World TV Title. Young leveraged Bruiser at ringside and a beer bottle over King’s head to pin the champion before pinning Punishment Martinez and winning the title.

Since then, Young and King have been fighting tooth and nail all across the country. In Philadelphia, King defeated “Kingpin” Brian Milonas in what may have been a set up when Milonas revealed himself to be part of a new trio formed by Young, Bruiser, and Milonas. In Nashville, King ran ringside to even the odds for Coast 2 Coast in their match against Bruiser and Milonas and to serve as the equalizer against Silas Young before the match was turned into a six-man match. King pinned the new World Television Champion following a Royal Flush.

King was granted his first one-on-one bout for the Championship in Atlanta against Young. ROH Enforcer Bully Ray dismissed Bruiser and Milonas from ringside and King and Young had an uninterrupted, instant classic for the ROH World Television Championship! King emerged victorious and became just the third ROH star to capture the ROH World Television Championship twice.

The two met for the second time in one-on-one competition at 16th Anniversary in a bout added late as a special attraction to ROH’s 16th Anniversary seen on Pay Per View and for HonorClub. Young was granted a rematch and had the match won with a visual pinfall on King but ultimately, King prevailed after the referee was not able to count the three for Young.

The score is far from settled between these two and with Supercard of Honor, with the biggest crowd in ROH history, both men want to be a part of it. The ROH Board of Directors has assured King he will be defending his championship at Supercard of Honor but time will tell against who. With Cheeseburger, who won a HonorClub exclusive four corners match to win a World Television Championship match, and Flip Gordon, who won a match against Shane Taylor to earn a future World Television Championship match, Young, the former champion may have to wait to get a shot and it may not be against King. But one thing is for sure, ROH World Television Championship or not, the feud from these two stars is not over.