Female Wrestler Of The Year: Rok-C

Rok-C was at the forefront of the revamped ROH Women’s Division right from the outset.

“The Prodigy” wrestled in the first-ever Women’s Division Wednesday match in April and was the first competitor to receive a ticket to gold to participate in the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament in the summer.

At Death Before Dishonor in September, Rok-C defeated Miranda Alize in the tournament final to become the first ROH Women’s World Champion.

Earlier in the tournament, Rok-C defeated former world champions Angelina Love and Sumie Sakai.

She accomplished all of that as a teenager; Rok-C turned 20 in November.

After winning the title, Rok-C vowed to be a fighting champion and proved to be a woman of her word.

She made three successful title defenses in ROH to end this era of the company as the undisputed leader of the women’s division. Rok-C also successfully defended the title six times on shows outside of ROH.

Overall, Rok-C was 8-0 in singles matches in ROH. She also went 3-1-1 in tag matches and was never pinned or forced to submit.