Favorite Future Of Honor Star: Sledge

Sledge has yet to appear on a televised ROH show, but he has already won over fans online with his inspirational story.

Sledge made his pro wrestling debut a decade ago, but his promising career was derailed by his addiction to drugs and alcohol. After hitting bottom in 2014, Sledge began to turn his life around.

He got sober, got in great physical shape, and dedicated himself to making it in the sport he loves. That eventually led him to the ROH Dojo, where the 6-foot-4, 240-pound California native impressed coaches with his passion, intensity and physicality. 

After six month of training at the Dojo, Sledge signed his first ROH contract. His first official ROH match, against fellow Dojo trainee O’Shay Edwards, premieres on ROH’s YouTube channel on Feb. 9.

While ROH was on hiatus during the pandemic, Sledge stayed busy by starting his own motivational Twitch show (“Coffee with Sledge”) and focusing on his physical and mental health.