It looks like the irascible Johnson will have one less thing to complain about.

Declaring that it’s “Mecca Versus Everyone,” Johnson has claimed ad nauseum that he’s underappreciated by ROH fans and management. However, the people have spoken, and they selected Johnson as their favorite FOH competitor.

Before anyone claims that Johnson had his friends stuff the ballot box, we know that’s simply not true. Johnson has no friends. What the voting results show is that ROH fans were able to look past Johnson’s bad attitude and recognize his talent and potential.

Although Johnson -- who formerly billed himself as “No. 1” -- was one and done in the 2019 Top Prospect Tournament and has yet to score a signature victory in ROH, he clearly has the tools to be a major player in the future.

If Johnson has the good sense to follow the advice of his mentor PJ Black, the future could arrive sooner than later. But that’s a big “if,” as Johnson thus far has been an unwilling protege.