Exclusive Interview With Session Moth Martina: 'Get Ready For Biggest, Baddest Party Ever'

By Kevin Eck

Session Moth Martina makes her much-anticipated ROH debut this Sunday at Free Enterprise in Baltimore. I caught up with the Irish star (a “session moth” is Dublin slang for a party girl) to talk about beer, her upcoming matches against Sumie Sakai and Angelina Love, beer, her message to all the women on the roster, beer and more. Also, beer.

It’s been announced that your debut match in ROH will be against Sumie Sakai in Baltimore on Feb. 9, and you’re also scheduled to wrestle Angelina Love in St. Louis on Feb. 29. What are your specific thoughts on each of them?

I am so excited to wrestle Sumie. She looks like she knows how to handle a beer or two, so maybe it's just going to turn into a full-blown party and we all leave happy. As for Angelina, that girl thinks she’s so hot, but she clearly hasn't seen me yet. Doesn't she know everyone fancies Martina? She definitely will by the time I get to her. 

When it was announced that you had signed with ROH it created a lot of buzz and anticipation. For those fans who may be unfamiliar with you, how would you describe your personality and in-ring style?

The best way to describe myself is the party that never ends. I don't really care about anything else other than that. No one takes away my party time, and if they try, that’s when I get vicious. 

You were one of wrestling’s top free agents. What was it about ROH that made you sign here?

I heard you guys have great beer, duh.

You spent most of your career wrestling in the U.K. How often have you been to the U.S. and what’s your favorite thing about spending time here?

I’ve been to the states three times now to wrestle, and every single time it’s turned into a party. I feel it’s time to show more people in America the right way to have a sesh.

Are you familiar with The Bouncers? I know they’re always looking for a drinking buddy, but not a lot of people can keep up with them at the bar.

I am indeed. I've been very excited to share a cold one with them, but they must know, the Irish are legendary drinkers. They may be about to meet their match!  

What message would you like to send out to the other women on the ROH roster who may be reading this?

Bring me beer and we won't have a problem.

Any final words for the ROH fans?

Get ready for the biggest, baddest party to ever come stateside. You won't believe it till you see it!