Eck's Files: Matt Taven, Vincent To Meet In Summit; Shane Taylor Was Robbed, Kenny King Will Pay; Mark And Vicky Haskins Appear On ROH Podcast

By Kevin Eck

Matt Taven wants nothing more than to get his hands on Vincent. Vincent wants nothing more to do with Taven -- at least as it relates to facing him in a match, that is.

In an effort to resolve the bitter dispute between Taven and Vincent, ROH is providing them with a forum to speak directly to each other. The “summit” will take place this Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern on YouTube and the ROH The Experience Facebook page

Because of the volatility of their feud, Taven and Vincent will be in separate locations for the discussion, which will be moderated by ROH contributor Brian Zane of the “Wrestling With Wregret” YouTube channel.

I’m sure Taven is going to do his best to convince Vincent to fight him, but he shouldn’t get his hopes up. Vincent knows how bad Taven wants to settle the score with him, and he takes great delight in frustrating and taunting him.


Speaking of Taven, hopefully he will be able to temporarily put aside his obsession with Vincent to focus on earning an opportunity to regain the ROH World Championship.

Taven, Jay Lethal, Jay Briscoe and EC3 will compete in a Four Corner Survival Match on this weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling,” with the winner going on to face ROH World Champion RUSH in the main event at the 19th Anniversary pay-per-view on March 26.

Taven also could be receiving a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Title in the near future. He and Mike Bennett -- collectively known as The OGK -- are currently ranked No. 2 in the tag team division. Taven and Bennett held the tag title for three months in 2015.



Like many fans, I was thoroughly disgusted by Kenny King’s actions in last weekend’s ROH World Title Match between RUSH and challenger Shane Taylor.

King threw away his friendship with Taylor -- along with whatever shred of integrity he had left -- when he smashed Taylor over the head with a steel chair, allowing RUSH to score yet another tainted victory.

I strongly believe two things:

1. Taylor is going to make King pay for what he did; 2. Taylor will win the ROH World Title at some point.



Mark and Vicky Haskins were my guests on the latest episode of “The ROHStrong Podcast,” which drops this Monday morning on and most podcast platforms.

The couple talked about having a successful marriage and raising kids while working in pro wrestling; breaking into the industry as teenagers; and what they’ve been up to in England during the pandemic.

Mark also discussed his ROH run, including his time in LifeBlood, and why he recently re-signed. Vicky opened up about being in a wheelchair for a few years when she was a kid, and told the story of making her impromptu debut as a manager in a match involving CM Punk and Raven with absolutely no training. 

And, yes, I asked Mark the question that’s on the minds of wrestling fans the world over: How did you get a woman who looks like Vicky to marry you?


The other bout on this weekend’s episode of TV is a Pure Rules rematch between Dalton Castle and Josh Woods. 

Castle has been mired in a slump, and he said his time in ROH is over if he doesn’t defeat Woods.

“If I don’t beat Josh Woods, maybe I don’t belong here,” said Castle, who lost to Woods six weeks ago. “If I don’t beat Josh Woods with the plan I got in my head, I’m out.”



Three matches have been announced for “Ring of Honor Wrestling” the weekend of March 13: Dak Draper versus Fred Yehi in a Pure Rules Match; Kenny King versus Tony Deppen; and Flip Gordon versus Flamita.

Even though it happened a year ago, Flamita hasn’t forgotten that Gordon ripped off his mask -- the ultimate disrespect one can show a luchador -- after their match at Honor Reigns Supreme.


ICYMI: There will be a three-way elimination match between Bandido, Tracy Williams and LSG on “ROH Week By Week” this Tuesday.

Not only does this figure to be a great match, but it will have major implications on the ROH World Television Title rankings. Heading into the bout, Williams is ranked No. 1, LSG is No. 4, and Bandido is unranked.


Just added to ROH’s YouTube channel this week: Maria Kanellis Bennett does a watch-along for her match against ODB at the 13th Anniversary show in 2015, and Punishment Martinez battles Jay White in a Las Vegas Street Fight at Death Before Dishonor 2017.


Primal Fear, a trio from the ROH Dojo, will be making their ROH debut soon. 

Dojo coaches Jonathan Gresham and Will Ferrara have been doing a tremendous job of training ROH’s next generation of stars. In addition to Dak Draper and Brian Johnson, who both graduated to the main roster, students Joe Keys, Sledge, O’Shay Edwards, Dante Caballero, Ken Dixon and Eric Martin have been turning heads.


Until next time, keep safe and stay #ROHStrong!

Kevin Eck is a veteran pro wrestling journalist who has worked for The Baltimore Sun, WWE and WCW before joining Eck’s Files appears every Friday.