A Dose Of Colemanism: System Upgrade

By Caprice Coleman

You’ve most likely seen the statement Ring of Honor put out yesterday about making changes to its business operations and taking the first quarter of 2022 to reimagine the company.

Ring of Honor has put us (the talent) first during the pandemic and beyond, making sure our health was taken care of. It has been an honor for me to work here for more than 11 years, knowing we’ve spawned some of the world's greatest talents. I truly believe our current roster is second to none, and this is probably the best working family atmosphere many have ever experienced.

The company has given me opportunities to do everything from wrestling, to managing, to being a talk show host, as well as talent development, creative, production, commentary, and more.

Ring Of Honor is not shutting down. 

The way I see it:

It’s almost like a cell phone company that goes into competition with others. Each phone has the ability to update. Some update more often than others.

Some people choose not to go for every update, for various reasons. This could result in the phones becoming obsolete for some.

However, when brought back to the developers, the cell phones say, “Hey look at me, I’m outdated and everyone seems to be more updated.” The developer looks at the phone and says. “Yeah, but some of the updates were flawed.”

There is a loyalty clause in your contract. Even though you haven’t chosen to update every time it was available, your loyalty allows you a free upgrade.

Again, Ring of Honor is not shutting down; it’s making upgrades! I believe this upgrade will be like no other.

In life, sometimes you feel like you’ve been behind the curve, but you’ve been loyal to the cause. Just know your loyalty allows you a system upgrade.

Don’t worry about the downtime. If someone asks you what’s going on just say I’m having an upgrade! 

Just something to think about. I call it a dose of Colemanism.

Caprice Coleman is ROH’s color analyst and has been wrestling for more than 20 years. He also is an ordained minister and motivational speaker. A Dose of Colemanism appears every Thursday.