A Dose Of Colemanism: Reaching The Other Side

By Caprice Coleman

We’re coming off the Best in the World pay-per-view another round of TV tapings this week. I have to say this has been the most enjoyable experience we’ve had since the pandemic.

Why? Because you were there!

I stated before that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now we’re on the other side. Not 100 percent, but enough for people to see that there is an other side.

Sunday night we had Best in the World, our first pay-per-view in front of an audience in over a year and a half. We had limited capacity seating, but you couldn’t tell it by the roar of the crowd and the excitement of the athletes.

The love shown to Ian Riccaboni and me was amazing. I get it, you’ve only been hearing our voices for over a year. The love was shown, felt and reciprocated.

No more ROH bubbles! Do you know how exciting it was going to work and not having to be confined to our rooms?

There is a family atmosphere here at Ring of Honor that is second to none. I believe it’s even gotten stronger! Ring of Honor has proven to us we are not looked at as numbers but as people. Through the pandemic, they have gone over, above and beyond to make us feel safe, secure and important.

I can’t look at where we’ve come from and not see the blessing of reaching the other side. Many didn’t make it, and so many were hurt and lives were changed along the way, but you are here on the other side! You’ve made it through a worldwide pandemic, and you’re still here!

If you haven’t seen Best in the World, go out of your way to do so. You won’t be disappointed. We proved again that ROH has the best wrestlers in the world and we’re still the best wrestling on the planet. I look forward to seeing y’all in person on this other side! 

Just something to think about. I call it a dose of Colemanism.

Caprice Coleman is ROH’s color analyst and has been wrestling for more than 20 years. He also is an ordained minister and motivational speaker. A Dose of Colemanism appears every Thursday.