A Dose Of Colemanism: Optimum Effort Pays Off In The Long Run

By Caprice Coleman

Colemanism: These are thoughts that come to my mind, helping me see life a little clearer. I find them to be true and applicable to many situations. 

During the pandemic I’ve become accustomed to running. I run a few miles every other day. I've gotten so into it that I’ve downloaded apps to help keep up with my timing and progress. Recently, I had a minor injury that kept me from running until it healed. 

A little while later, I felt I could return to running. However, I noticed my time was so much slower. I figured it was related to the injury. It got to the point where I’d get frustrated because even though I felt that I was running at my previous speeds or better, the apps were saying I wasn't. My times were progressively slower. 

Yesterday morning before I went on my run, I reset the apps. When I got ready to start, a notification came up saying my GPS system is slowed down because my phone is in energy save mode.

Evidently at some point, my phone must have had low battery and I switched it over to 
energy save mode to buy time before charging. Forgetting to switch it back caused the GPS to track my progress slower than normal. My decision to save energy cost me in the long run (pun intended). 

Have you ever felt you’ve been putting in all the work and not getting the expected results? Could it be because somewhere down the line you decided not to use optimum effort, but still expected optimum results? 

Needless to say, my phone stays in optimal mode now.

So do I.

Caprice Coleman is ROH’s color analyst and has been wrestling for more than 20 years. “A Dose of Colemanism” appears every Thursday on ROHWrestling.com.