A Dose Of Colemanism: Mr. Ancestor

By Caprice Coleman

There was a man viewed highly in his community by many, especially his family. This man was kidnapped and taken to a place where the language spoken to him wasn't recognizable. Because of this, his kidnappers thought him to be ignorant. 

Overwhelmed by his circumstances, he was forced to do unfamiliar labor, so much labor that his only free time was spent preparing for the next days’ work. He often wondered how his family back home was doing, if he'd see them again or even if they were alive.  

Eventually, he adapted to his new reality. Putting aside all he'd known previously, including his language, he made the best of now.

In this new place, he wasn't viewed equal to man, and only a bit more useful than a cow. He couldn't legally remarry, and if he had children they were taken from him without notice. His name constantly changed every time his owner changed. Because of this, his family heritage was erased. 

He vowed to prove not only that he was a man, but one capable of doing anything if only given the opportunity and proper teachings. Denied these rights countless times, he never weakened.

One day his request was granted and he was "free" to do what he wanted by law. However, he quickly saw that changing a law and changing others’ minds were not synonymous.

Remarkably, even with these limitations, he was able to accomplish so many things, literally changing this "new" land. He became so important and influential that he was deemed the name Ancestor.

Given a month to tell his stories of recorded accomplishments proved not to be sufficient. All he wanted to do was live, but even in this day some still find it offensive to say that his life matters.

Though so much progress has been made, there's still a ways to go. However,
knowing of his story, I along with so many other men and women can proudly say: 

"I am viewed highly in my community by many, especially family."

Just something to think about. I call it a dose of Colemanism.

Caprice Coleman is ROH’s color analyst and has been wrestling for more than 20 years. He also is an ordained minister and motivational speaker. A Dose of Colemanism appears every Thursday