Dalton Castle: ‘I’m More Stable Than A Metamorphic Rock’

By Kevin Eck

I caught up with Dalton Castle to discuss his personal issues with RUSH, his match with RUSH’s brother Dragon Lee at the Best in the World pay-per-view on June 28, his state of mind, and more.

KE: Why did you challenge RUSH’s younger brother, Dragon Lee, to a match at Best in the World instead of challenging RUSH himself? Is it because you know you can’t defeat Rush? Or is this all some mind game you’re playing?

DC: I assure you this is no game. RUSH cheated and made me look ridiculous in one of the biggest moments of my career. A rematch with me is not nearly a big enough punishment for that beefy moron. 

KE: Dragon Lee is a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and a star in his own right. Instead of you making him pay for his brother’s “sins” at Best in the World, what happens if Lee beats you? Is it possible you’re taking him too lightly? 

DC: Dragon Lee will not beat me. 


KE: You used to have overwhelming support from the fans. Now there’s a large segment of the audience cheering against you. How has that affected your mindset?

DC: You’re out of your mind if you think anyone has turned against me. If anything, I now have more support than ever. The fans have seen with their own eyes that I have been grossly mistreated and they desperately want me to get the respect I deserve. 

KE: Actually, I have heard personally from some fans who supported you and looked up to and now are disappointed in your change in attitude. What do you say to them?

DC: Grow up.

KE: Do you have any remorse about assaulting The Boys? I mean, they were completely loyal to you for years.

DC: Unfortunately, The Boys’ loyalty could not outweigh their inadequacies.  

KE: Jay Lethal once said that the ROH World Title can drive a man mad. How did losing the title a year ago change you?

DC: It hasn’t. I still fight, train, and deliver punishing suplexes like a champion. I have a diamond heart and a brain that is more stable than a metamorphic rock. I will not be slipping into madness anytime soon. 

KE: Some would say you already have. Anway, regardless of the result at Best in the World, what’s next for you?

DC: Don’t be so dismissive about the inevitable result of my match at Best in the World. I will win, and then I will celebrate with a tray of coconut macaroons and a bottle of moscato. However, you and your disrespectful questions will not be invited.

With that, Castle abruptly ended the interview.